Obama: America’s very own SATAN

Posted: May 8, 2010 by johnylek in Uncategorized
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obama evilMy fellow esteemed Americans, we are doomed. Our illustrious socialist-marxist-communist-kenyan usurper of a president has doomed us all to a long hard fall down the slippery slope of socialism!

Pretty soon, we won’t be able to think for ourselves people. Thanks to offering a public option to a still private system, Obama is destroying American Private enterprise piece by piece. Soon, there will be a public option for Coke products, email services and car rental.

I predict that in ten years, Obama will have placed chips in every American’s head that will dictate to us every Sunday to fornicate, drink and smoke blunts all day, thus turning us all into anti-Christian hedonistic automatons. Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, lovers of freedom for white rich conservative christians everywhere, tried to tell us that this man was pure EVIL. I mean, nevermind Hitler and Stalin, they only killed 15 million plus people, this man is destroying Free Enterprise!  He is turning us into a mixed economy! Lets get the tea parties to lynch this bastard!

People, European free enterprise has survived, as has the Canadian. Instead of sitting on your ass watching Fox News and shitting yourself anytime Obama mentions the passage of our health care bill, look at the facts.

If the French (who, according to the WHO, have the BEST healthcare in the world) can get it right (this is the FRENCH we are talking about) then certainly America can do it better, just because we are Americans! Hell yea! Once our public insurance becomes the best in the world and the object of jealousy for every single cigarette smoking, latte chugging French Intellectual in France (I estimate that’s about 17.893 million people), you’ll be eating your words.

  1. I don’t suspect that this comment will survive, but, what the heck, I think I’ll give it a shot, anywho.

    Intelligent people don’t praise the idiocy of Limbaugh and Beck. Their Wingnut “Obama is a socialist” meme, is stupid, boring, and overused.

    Got anything else?

  2. Katie says:


    The writer of this post wasn’t “praising the idiocy of Limbaugh and Beck,” he was making fun it.

    I think the tone makes that pretty obvious, but sarcasm can indeed be difficult to sense in the written word.

    Take a deep breath and pop a Xanax. You’re among friends.

  3. Katie,

    It’s obvious to me, that you and I, probably agree with each other about Limbaugh and Beck. I do see plenty of “sarcasm” in the original post, but I can’t, for the life of me, with several re-reads, sense any intended parody. If it was intended to be “parody”, then the author needs to go back to the drawing board. Parodies should be easily recognizable.

    Maybe, if we’re lucky, the author will chime in, and clarify. Was this parody, or not?

    And, actually, I find on-line debating very relaxing – no need for drugs thank-you-very-much. How about if I take a deep breath, and run a couple miles instead?

  4. D-dub says:

    This is too anti-American for me. I get that it’s supposed to be humorous, but I don’t get why anyone would take the time to write like a fool.
    I have two nuts that need suckin’ on. One is reserved for Rush Limbaugh. The other, previously serviced by Wolfe Blitzer, will now be this author’s.
    JERK normally makes me laugh (more often a brief smile than an actual laugh), but this post deserves a foot up its poopshoot.
    Zachariah, go exercise and cry with Richard Simmons. We’ll explain the “joke” when you’re older.
    Katie, I know 4 people that have died from taking Xanax and having a couple drinks. It’s funny to joke about AIDS until you know people that are HIV+. Your comment may have also been meant to be funny, but jesus-tittyf*ckin-christ, what a damn buzz kill to an otherwise well-organized, coherent thought.
    I can’t believe I wasted my time writing a comment on this blog.

  5. “Zachariah, go exercise and cry with Richard Simmons. We’ll explain the “joke” when you’re older.” – D-dub

    You paint a picture of Rush Limbaugh and Wolf Blitzer tag “teabagging” you, and, I’m the one that needs to grow up?

    About the wisdom of exercising . . .

    At 56, if I can’t run a half mile in under four minutes, and swim 500 meters in under 10 minutes, ever six months, I lose my job.

    Cut me some slack, eh mate?

    And, again, if this was meant to be cleaver “parody”, it failed, completely. I’m guessing that that’s why you didn’t like it either.

  6. John Lechner says:

    Dear commenters,

    It is not an attempt at a clever fucking parody. Of course it is sarcastic, but it was not an attempt at the style of Glen Beck, or Rush for that matter. It was not attempt at anything, just a rant about the current politics of the day

    I also don’t see how this is anti american. Evidently you’ve been watching too much Hannity. Go pray to your Reagan statue.

  7. Katie says:

    My apologies. I didn’t realize joking about an apparent need for anti anxiety medication was akin to poking fun at AIDS victims.

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