Flying to Spring Break With Beckett!

Posted: March 11, 2010 by beckettnoyes in SAGE -- editor's picks
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I’ve flown before, I know mistakes happen and people end up screwed and in need of connecting flights, accommodations, etc.  It’s just never happened to me, well, at least until now.

Happy People Waiting For Canceled Flights

Apparently when you purchase a seat online for a flight and it says that you’re guaranteed a seat, it doesn’t actually mean anything.  It was my intention to fly with my friends to Chicago and connect into Indianapolis, that’s not what happened (and if you couldn’t figure that out by now then you’re an idiot).

Oh right, the redirected flights are from Syracuse to Atalanta at 9:00 10:00 pm (thanks to a wonderful delay) where the next flight to Indianapolis is at 9:51 am.  Atlanta’s a lovely place, but when you want to be somewhere else…it resembles hell.

I do have to say that if it wasn’t for a very well informed business man who’s definitely seen his fair share of flights, I would be in trouble.  With his know how I was able to gain first class seating and the best shot I’ve got at a hotel room to stay in for my wonderful night in Atlanta.

If it were up to the attendant at the gate, I would be “sleeping” awkwardly on some airport bench or concrete floor.  All I can say beyond this is that I am so glad I brought my laptop and that airports have free internet.

[Note] I guess I should mention the fact that all the people around me that are trying to go to Detroit aren’t looking too good right now.  Their plane isn’t coming due to mechanical failure and they won’t likely have a flight from Syracuse to Detroit until Saturday. Awesome.

~Beckett Noyes, Asst. Blog Editor

  1. Woody says:

    You got to fly on a plane with part of the SU Rugby team, right? That alone should have made your day!

    The silver lining to the Detroit flight, at least the airport people realized the plane was broken instead of trying to fly it. One day delay, but nobody’s dead.

    I am reminded every day that the world is full of complainers. If you aren’t happy with the airport, WALK to wherever you’re going. It might take you a few days, but that’s what I would do if MY vagina had half as much broken glass in it than yours does.

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