SYRACUSE FAIL: Recruitment poster

Posted: March 9, 2010 by meghinwithani in Uncategorized
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I came across this as I was walking down the stairs to from the Mount. It’s a flyer for Northeastern University, attempting to recruit people to get a degree in accounting. Too bad we’re already at Syracuse University. There was also a St. John’s School of Medicine poster tacked up next to it.

~Meghin Delaney

  1. Lolcait says:

    Umm, actually it’s for a masters program… so it’s technically not a fail at all, considering it was at a dorm for undergrads… sorry.

  2. meghinwithani says:

    SU has both an MS and and MBA program in accounting.

  3. Lolcait says:

    Yeah, I’m just saying it’s normal for graduate programs to get students who got their undergrad degrees elsewhere. If the poster were for an undergrad program, however, it’d totally be a fail.

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