Suck It, James Cameron!

Posted: March 8, 2010 by KatieGartonDesir in Uncategorized
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There was a win across the world for women last night, Kathryn Bigelow won best director and was the first woman to do so! I didn’t see the The Hurt Locker but I’m happy for the win.

I thought it was great that Biglow sat right in front of James Cameron, fellow nominee and ex-husband. Maybe I was reading into things, but I felt some tension on the other side of the television screen. To know that your film was better than your ex-husband’s must have felt great, especially when said film is Avatar.My reaction was “WOAH!!!” but maybe I just like seeing a little bit of drama amongst all the happiness. All I really wanted her to do was get up there and say, “SUCK IT JAMES CAMERON” while gesturing the big x with her arms over her crotch. Anyone else?

It was also a little foreshadowing for today because it’s International Women’s Day! Go women! Let’s go kick some ass!

~Katie Garton

  1. kelsie says:

    James Cameron already sucked it, left and moved on! Everyone else should too.

    I hate how they introduced her as “James Cameron’s ex-wife.” Framing her like that just undermines the great filmmaker that she is. The Hurt Locker didn’t win to spite James Cameron; it won because it was a brilliant piece of art. How come none of the other great directors had their dirty laundry aired out on that stage? We need to stop caring so much about celebrities personal lives. It’s seriously annoying.

  2. Jackie Jormp-Jomp says:

    @kelsie I heard she gave Steven Spielberg a rimjob.

  3. Kate says:

    @Jackie that was George Lucas… you’re getting your directors confused again

  4. Dion Mulvihill says:

    Kate Bigelow has more talent her in pinky tip then James Cameron has in his whole body!!!.
    “Hurt Locker” had more empathy and sympathy for the living people who are willing to sacrifice their lives, for this Country.
    Helluva lot better then a bunch of Ugly, Gross, Spluging aliens.

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