Vajazzle Your VaJayJay

Posted: March 4, 2010 by BST in VAULT -- archives
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Ladies: have you found yourselves in a (shall we say) “hairy” situation with your boyfriend? Are you finding the same old Brazilian as dull and bland? Fear not, for there is hope that will once again make your vadge sparkle. You may recall (as I don’t and therefore had to look up because I had an allegedly deprived childhood) the Bedazzler that allows you to add rhinestones to any piece of clothing or fabric. But, it’s 2010 and time to put fabrics aside and use your bare skin instead. Bedazzler+Vagina=Vajazzling.

There are somethings words really can’t describe, so take a look at this semi-NSFW video about the process (or jump to :30 for a really thorough explanation).

Because let me tell you, ladies, nothing would make me more happy than to see little gem stones of butterflies and starbursts down there. So. Sexy. Seriously, nothing would make me feel more like a man and/or pedophile then when you take off your pants and I see this:

The downside is that these beautiful pieces of art are only temporary and last 3-6 days. Even worse, “rigorous activity” is frowned upon for the first 24-hours in the professional Vajazzaling community. But hey, if you’re up for dropping $50 and getting someone else to drop down for you, why not go for it!

Guys, some bad news: as far as I can tell there is not yet such a thing as peniazzling, so I guess we will have to live vicariously, if you know what I mean. But ladies: are you ready make your kitty pretty and are tired of my slang for your tang, then try vajazzling to add a little flair down there.

Or, you could just go ahead and join what I truly believe to be the new trend for women and men alike: Clitter!

~Ben Tepfer

  1. scared says:

    Why god, why?

  2. WTF says:


  3. Kate says:

    i’ve never felt the need to bedazzle anything… including this… *shudders*

  4. Kaitlin says:

    Bahahaha this is ridiculous

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