Why Not to Give an 8-Year-Old a Web Cam: Keisha’s “Tick Tock”

Posted: February 26, 2010 by Katie in Uncategorized
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It’s truly disturbing to watch an 8-year-old lip sync:

“I’m talking about – everybody getting crunk, crunk
Boys trying to touch my junk, junk

Even worse, since she clearly didn’t edit this video herself, that means at least 2 people thought this video was a good idea.

God help us.

via [The Internet is Terrible]

  1. irinadvalidze says:

    i just died a little inside.

  2. Woody says:

    NICE!!! A mix between Frankenstein, Harry Potter, Bugs Bunny, and my ex! Truly invigorating performance! I can’t wait for a Missy Elliot cover…

  3. Katie says:

    The Missy Elliot cover is still in the works, but she does have an equally disturbing rendition of Bad Romance:

  4. Jeff says:

    I think its a great thing that a girl so young is already making videos and being creative. maybe the song choice isnt perfect, but she clearly doesnt understand the words. its great that a) shes not dumbing herself down by playing farmville all day b) she might actually gain some self esteem by expressing herself now before she turns 13 in a couple years and has to put up with all the repressive bullshit of being a teenage girl and c) she has parents or someone who cares enough about her to spend the time making and editing a video with her.

    furthermore, as soon as a kid leaves 4th grade theres nothing more being taught in school about being creative or to do anything outside of the status quo. in fact, you should be more worried for the kids that dont have access to the tools to do something like this, or the parents who will get off the couch to help them.

    dont challenge her parents parenting skills and worry less about this girl and her webcam and start complaining more about the music industry and the lame subject matter of your blog.

  5. Kate says:

    Were you the subject of the repressive bullshit of being a teenage girl? Your choice of names suggests you probably weren’t, so you can stfu about that.

    Any parents who think it is a good idea to let their daughter post videos of herself on the internet singing suggestive lyrics at the age of 8 are clearly not good parents. It’s one thing to make some videos and let creativity blossom, it is quite other to pan a camera up and down the body of an 8 year old while she mouths the lyrics to “Bad Romance.”

    You are officially a moron and I sincerely hope you never procreate for the sake of any children.

  6. Shannon L says:

    Jeff, you think its ok that this video overtly sexualizes a child? Yes, just imagine the self esteem that shall bring her!

  7. Jeff says:

    Kate – My apologies for assuming its the norm for teenage girls have self-esteem issues. I’m not sure where I got that or if it is bound by any actual evidence…. Would you like me to link to some empirical studies and cite them at the bottom? Last time I checked middle school is considered the “awkward stage” for certain reasons. It doesnt just apply to teenage girls, you are right about that, but were we talking about boys?

    In your defense, its clear that your daddy took away your crayons at an early age, and I am truly sorry. Lets be thankful that you found the keyboard instead of the junk and with your graduate degree, you can grace the internet with such lovely, insightful comments.

    Shannon – not sure what is overtly sexual about this video. its a weird looking 8 yr old with glasses 6 times the size of her face singing into a camera. If thats overtly sexual, I feel bad for your boyfriend.

  8. Shannon says:

    Jeff- read the post. A child is singing OVERTLY SEXUAL lyrics.

  9. Kate says:

    Ah Jeff,
    I guess your course load at Columbia didn’t leave you with much time to figure out what is overtly sexual, given that you can’t identify the sexual acts described in both songs. Yet you can find empirical studies! Good for you! I guess I don’t really need to worry about you procreating as you’re clearly a virgin.

    No wonder you’re a software developer and (to stereotype you now) you probably can barely talk to girls as it is. Instead, you need the Internet as a medium put them down without actually physically interacting with them, just like teenage girls with self esteem issues do to each other. All of them. Every single one. I was wrong. I guess you do know what it is like to be a teenage girl and repress your creativity.

    Now, back to the point. In the Bad Romance video, the girl applies makeup to her face and pretends to be stood up. Someone here knows what she’s singing about and the sexualization comes in with the lyrics as well as the camera angles etc.

    Also, I fail to see how these videos are all that creative.

    Lastly, you were the one to insult the girl herself by calling her “weird looking.” I’m just questioning her parent’s nurturing skills as they let their daughter sexualize herself before she even really knows what sex is.

    Ok, go back to your little hole in the Internet and come up with a response for me. I’ll be waiting and tell Liam I say hi 🙂

  10. Weber says:


  11. Jeff says:

    Hey Kate, send me an email, since you clearly know mine. I’d like to talk to you in a more private forum surrounding the privacy issues that you just violated on your blog.

    You seem to know a lot about me all the sudden, so its only fair that we discuss this. Hit me up on Facebook or where ever you found me. Did you look at my Facebook pics as well? I guess you are a little more creative than I thought. You are a blogger after all. The Modern Journalist! In regards to my internet hole. Seems like we are in the same business baby.

    In regards to female interaction, I wish your name was Mike, I really do. It was just too easy for you to pull the computer geek card, so I guess Ill have to make fun of your profession as well.

    Also I would be curious to know who Liam is…please post more of his info on the internet.

    In my defense I didn’t listen to either songs lyrics nor plan on it. [insert quip about ivy league degree not teaching me I shouldnt argue without reviewing evidence] Ill take your word for her mouthing sexual lyrics though. Who knew girls even had “junk, junk” ?!?

    Alas, I still disagree with the idea of censoring this girls video. The fact of the matter is, shes just singing whats on the radio into her computer, and has 1000 other videos of her life on youtube. She does her video blogging and thats great. A creative yourself, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t support her in this initiative. In fact if you are so worried about this girls well being, maybe you shouldnt shit all over her on the internet since she will undoubtedly find this post.

  12. Kate says:

    Hey Jeff,
    Pretty sure I didn’t violate any privacy policy, especially because we don’t post one here at Jerk. You submitted your email address and I did a public search of you on Facebook allowing me to get any and all information you put up as public. Liam is a mutual friend we have on facebook.

    Oh, you can reach me at web@jerkmagazine.net but that information isn’t exactly private either. If you’re going to insult my profession, you should probably do a better search than the information from a now defunct blog I used to write.

    I see I touched a nerve about your profession and you might like to know that I’m also a computer geek. It’s kind of unfair to assume all computer geeks are socially inept men isn’t it? Maybe just as unfair as assuming all teenage girls have self esteem issues that can be cured by posting videos of themselves singing and and dancing to sexually explicit music? Isn’t that what strippers are for. At least strippers are supposed to be legal adults “capable” of making their own choices.

    Regarding your last comment, we aren’t really looking to censor her, just questioning the judgement of whoever let her post it. I wasn’t the one to really insult her, call her weird looking, etc. I actually think she’s cute, but I think it’s an aberration for her to be sexualizing herself. I haven’t looked at her other videos. I frankly didn’t care that much.

    We can agree to disagree if you don’t see a problem with things like marketing thongs to children (which happens). It’s ok. They’re just “expressing themselves.”

    Also, I’m not the author of this post. I just thought your comment was moronic. If you really want to find me, I’m @KatiePunkin on twitter.

  13. Tuber says:

    Or if the kid had a real talent and wanted to sing the song, they could have done these people did and have them do the kidzbop version.

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