Jerk of the Week: Bad Roommates Suck Edition

Posted: February 26, 2010 by jerkmagblog in Uncategorized

I guess it’s just a bad week, because we have a double hitter on the jerk list. Let’s call these two offenders Frick and Frack. See Frick and Frack are a couple who like to overstep boundaries with their roommates. Actually, scratch that, they have no boundaries.

Allowing their significant other to constantly use the “shared space,” using things that are not theirs, and keeping their roommates up late into the night, and they have one volume, loud…the list could go on and on. They spend every second of everyday together, and do not care that they piss off their roommates who, in turn, are stuck with a third roommate that they did not sign up for.

Even normal, subtle social cues don’t affect these people. I mean how many times should a person have to ask for a little space in their own living area?! And to make their behavior even more “jerky” they feel as though they have done nothing wrong and feel like their roommates are “mean” to them for asking to be able to use the room without both of them constantly around.

You must be joking–Frick and Frack your sense of entitlement is downright astounding! You both obviously need a refreshers course in roommate etiquette or maybe you’re just the type of people who shouldn’t have roommates. Here’s some advice…act your age (meaning you’re too old for the silent treatment and tantrums) and grow the hell up. Learn some manners and how to be roommate. Life will be a lot better for you and the people who are around you if you do.

  1. Blake Cornelius says:

    This happened to me last year, cept my defacto 3rd roommate was her gay best friend (who she was secretly in love with). Awkward.

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