Are the Winter Olympics responsible for my thinking that hockey is now hot, or have hockey players always been stealing the ladies off the market? When I usually think of hockey I think of smashed teeth, pucks flying, and beating people with sticks (a lot of fun where you can beat the shit out of people).

The men are the definition of tough men, so why not marry them? The only reason why I’m flabbergasted that these players are putting rings on beautiful celebs is because they aren’t in the news all the time and are extremely hot (or is it just because I don’t follow this sport?).

Here are 5 couples of  hot ladies and hockey players. Note: Most of the players’ names are Mike. Coincidence?

1. Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie

Hilary Duff's Engagement Ring Revealed

They recently got engaged in Hawaii. Who knew that Hilary Duff was dating this guy for two years? It’s weird when the Disney actors/actresses act all grown up. And plus, Comrie is in his late 20s!

2. Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher

carrieandmike Carrie Underwood Engaged To Hockey Player Mike Fisher! This couple got engaged well before Christmas and I think it’s cute. Is it just me or has she only dated athletes?

3. Willa Ford and Mike Modano

Willa Ford was one of those pop singers that all came out at the same time and now she’s a part of the hockey wives club. She looks happy though.

4. Gena Lee Nolin and Cale Hulse

Gena was a Baywatch and Price is Right girl! This hockey player is lucky.

5. Veronica Varekova and Petr Nedved

Veronica was a SI swimsuit model, but unluckly for Petr they got divorced after two years.

~Katie Garton

  1. Evan says:

    I had no idea that Hillary Duff was dating a hockey player! Lemme get some…

  2. Salina says:

    I date a hockey player too. Hey baby 😉

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