Give Me Some Noise for the iPad

Posted: February 23, 2010 by bmbartel in Uncategorized
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Ever since the release of the new iPad, one of the things that has come up lately on many sites is the music behind the pad.  What artists will be on the commercials?  Some artists have been on random videos for the iPad, but there has yet to be any commercial put up for television.

Many people are posting prediction about who they will choose to promote this new piece of technology.  When I was browsing through the web and looking through my music blogs, I noticed the blog called “Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good” had some awesome predictions.  They said on the keynote for iPad there were artists such as Muse, Spoon, the Decemberists, and Alicia Keys.  

There was also a prediction on the blog that La Roux would be an artist on the commercials.  To me, it seems like Apple usually chooses artists that are less popular, even indie, but picks their top songs.  I mean, Yael Naim was used in the Macbook Air commercial.  The Tings Tings, The Fratellis, Gorillaz, and Jet are just some of  the many artists Apple used for the iPod commercials.

La Roux is a great band, but I also think MGMT could be used.  “Kids” is a great song that has been out for a while, but is currently on the top 100.  Apple may also choose a current top 40 song.  Many of the Apple commercials, especially for the iPod, make you want to get up and shake your bootay.  I would hope the iPad commercials would do the same, everyone loves a commercial that makes you feel good.

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~Briana Bartel
  1. Sam says:

    I’d like to see a really sick person on those iPad music commercials—Beyonce anyone? I guess I could settle for some Gaga.

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