I’m Never Gonna Give it to You

Posted: February 16, 2010 by bryanhood in Uncategorized
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It’s time to begin the second semester of “So Much Paper,” but we’re going to tweak things a little bit this time.  For those loyal readers (all…well, I don’t actually know if there are any of you) out there, you’ll remember that I used this space to write about the books I failed to read last semester.

That wasn’t exactly the original intention, but that’s how things ended up.  But, that was last semester, and this is this semester, so I’m actually going to write about things I actually finished this time around.  Thing is, I have even less time to do free reading this semester, so that’s going to be a little tough.

The solution is simple though, read shorter pieces of work, like short stories, novellas, comic books, brochures, and pamphlets.  Mainly comic books though, they’ve got pretty pictures in them.

So to get things started, I’m going to take a look at Jon Vermilyea’s sort of awesome, The Princes of Time from way back in 2007.  What is this 12-page newspaper-sized comic book about? Honestly, I don’t really know, but I know I loved watching the characters seemingly travel through time in their busted time machine.

This comic has a Ferrari, a wizard who bleeds from his eyes, and a cat monster having his brains ladled out.  Sounds amazing, right?  Totally. Plus, Vermilyea’s art is great, detailed yet cartoony enough not to be totally grotesque (which it distractingly would‘ve been in another artist’s hands).  Also, an ex-girlfriends friend used to call me Prince Eternia, so I can’t help but feel an attachment to the title characters.

Vermilyea’s work has grown a lot in the 3 years since this comic, but The Princes of Time is still great. It’s a quick read, maybe a minute or two tops, but don’t hold that against it, as this is the sort of comic you’ll want to reread repeatedly.
–Bryan Hood

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