Tea partiers: get teabagged, you scum.

Posted: February 11, 2010 by johnylek in Uncategorized
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Tea parties: enough is enough.

Tea parties piss me off. They call themselves a completely partisan organization, a grassroots organization of Libertarians and other like minded Fiscal Conservatives. Tea parties are opposed to any wasteful government spending and growth of the Federal Government. Appealing back the vaunted Boston Tea Party of December 16th 1773, these “patriots” claim to be echoing the voices of our Founding Fathers, especially when it comes to limited government. Sounds noble and patriotic, right?

My ass it is. Get this; if this grass roots organization of libertarians opposed to the growth of the federal government and government spending, why haven’t these clowns been around for generations?  Shouldn’t they have protested Bush and his cronies, and Reagan and Ford before that? Big bad Billy Clinton was the last President with a budget surplus. Dear god, a Democrat without a deficit? I’ll drink to that!

Alas, these Tea Parties are only a recent phenomenon, directed towards President Obama and his spending. So basically, they are just protestors of Obama. How fucking original. Many protesters have held up posters of ole’ Bama resembling the Joker or Hitler. Now that is just silly. We all know Heath Ledger wasn’t a Nazi!

"Obama da socialist."

"Obama da socialist."

Various egg headed liberals around the country (yours truly included) think that these Tea Parties are the product of some Republican Plot, an uprising of the fringe right of the GOP; instead of arguing for partisanship, they clearly want the two major parties of the USA to be further polarized. Not only are they fringe groups, many parties are DIRECTLY funded by Republican politicians. So much for being grassroots. You pigs lied.

And furthermore, your name: Taxed Enough Already? Shut up. Our tax rates are low compared to other industrialized states. And the Boston Tea Party you hold in such high regard? Yeah, that was about taxation without representation you f*ucktards. And the Founding Fathers wanted limited government. Okay, I can agree to that. But the founding fathers also thought black people were worth 3/5ths of a person. Just saying.

To conclude; eat shit you hypocritical bumpkins.

~John Lechner

  1. Woody says:

    Did you hear they took on Captain America? Yeah, the comic book hero. The illustrators at Marvel Comics started a Captain America adventure that began normal enough. He and his side-kick, Falcon, are talking about these white supremicist, anit-government little shits and the picture of these protesters shows picket signs straight out of the news (the real news; as in the tea-baggers). Being mocked as racist anti-American wankers, the Tea Bag people gullied up and gave Marvel Comics a piece of their mind. It’s funny because Captain America started his 2-dimensional career dissing Nazis and his career could end dissing the neo-nazi teabaggers.
    Anyhow, Falcon (who is black), thinks it’s a good idea to go undercover in the crowd as an IRS collector. A government worker, one of the most hated sects of the government may I say, and a black man, Falcon’s presense is supposed to “spark anger”! Captain America then says, and I quote, “I don’t exactly see a black man from Harlem fitting in with a bunch of angry white folks.” Then these Tea Bag protesters go banging on Marvel’s door all pissed off! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Captain America! Sorry to smash your egos you Tea-Bagging little bitches, but you’re all punks!

  2. Fred Blitzfick says:

    “”They call themselves a completely ”partisan”’ organization…”” No they call themselves BIpartisan. They are fools…and so are YOU. Your innacurate blog is worthless.

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