In Honor of “Lost”: The 3 shows I wish I watched

Posted: February 5, 2010 by pomsie in VAULT -- archives
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For those who have been living under a rock (or maybe choosing to ignore the hype) for the past few days, the final season of “Lost” premiered Tuesday night on ABC. 

I feel like I’m stranded on my own deserted island.  All these people are talking, writing, emailing, twittering, you name it about the season premiere.  Any show that inspires people to post video responses to Youtube within minutes, must be good, right?

So in the name of my shame, here are three shows I wish I watched.

Who doesn't love good old Barney Stinson?

Who doesn't love good old Barney Stinson?


1.) “Lost:”  This is first on my list because  I inexplicablly feel empty inside for missing out on a show about a plane crash, its survivors and a mysterious island with something or someone on it called “The Others.” My biggest regret: Missing out on the shirtless wonder that is “Charlie” from Party of Five.  Whoa 90’s flashbacks! 

2.) “How I Met Your Mother:” The concept of this show remains fuzzy to me but I do know this: it’s supposed to be funny and Neil Patrick Harris (always and forever Doogie Howser in my mind), is hilarious.  Have you seen his cameos in the “Harold & Kumar” movies?

3.) “Arrested Development:”  I know this show was cancelled a few years back but I am still ashamed to admit that I’ve seen barely more than five minutes of it.  Will Arnett is married to Amy Poehler and has the shiniest forehead ever.  Jason Bateman is the coolest manchild ever.  And Michael Cera is doing his best to invent an “I’m the most charming and desirable dork ever” movie genre all for himself.   

What about you Jerksters?  Any shows you wish you watched?  Should “30 Rock” be on my list too?

~Anne Pomeroy

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