Avatar ended…and so shall my life

Posted: February 2, 2010 by KatiePunkin in SAGE -- editor's picks

This was a beautiful picture show. Deal with it.

No doubt you’ve heard that some people are experiencing depression because after the credits started to roll during Dances with the Last Samurai: Pocahantas Gully with Smurfs, they started to realize Pandora was an intangible CGI creation.

They’ve started forums to cope with their depression offering advice such as:

Start living like Neytiri: in touch with nature, the environment, and not being greedy and wasteful. Pass on the burger, for something more healthy for you and less cruel to animals. Spend your time on this forum, or volunteering in your free time, instead of getting high or drinking, twiddling your thumbs, being apathetic and complaining about how bad the world is. Don’t get swept away by the wave of negativity, live your dream. Your life has only two switches, to shine or not to shine.

Good advice, but mine’s better:

Get a freaking life. You have a computer and internet access and probably a roof over your head. These guys don’t, so count your damn blessings and focus on your own pretty kick ass reality. If the only reason you’re depressed is because James Cameron’s pretty pictures don’t exist, you are an asswipe.

–Kate Holloway, Executive Web Editor

  1. Kate says:

    thanks kristin, although it’s not nearly as good as this guys – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJarz7BYnHA&feature=related

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