Obama’s State of the Union: holy sh*t, that’s a big freaking deficit!

Posted: February 1, 2010 by johnylek in Uncategorized
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Emaciated meth Nazi?

Emaciated meth Nazi?

Obama’s first annual State of the Union address gave us plenty to think and talk about.

Amid a year of uncertainty with an economy that was certifiably cluster f*cked like Warsaw during WWII, Obama certainly had his lil’ hands full. At the beginning of the year, Obama and his economic team had fully expected to overhaul healthcare, introduce a climate change bill, fix a chronically malnourished economy all while simultaneously transferring weight from the obese Rush Limbaugh to the emaciated Ann Coulter. Kidding on that last one.

That is a lot for one to handle. In his address, Obama acknowledged those difficulties, admitting that he and his democratic counterparts have faced setbacks this year. Well, no crap. The health care bill seems dead in the water now that Massachusetts elected Scott Brown (the guy with the hot daughter) to the senate. Health care was the crux of Obama’s plans for this year. And amid this speech, America, President Obama admitted to having a deficit.

"Savior of humanity."

"Savior of humanity."

Of course we have a deficit! It’s in the trillions. This year the budget deficit skyrocketed thanks to Obama’s stimulus package, which prevented the economy from tanking any further. And of course, if there is any talk of deficits and spending, those pesky Republicans reared their ugly reptilian heads in protest.

The Republican response to Obama’s speech revolved around the crippling deficit, and its effect on our children and grandchildren. Seriously though, Republicans are hypocritical to talk about deficit spending and federal government control. I’m pretty sure Bush and his Republican predecessors spent a shit ton of money too. Even good ole’ Ronny Reagan, the savior of the Conservative Master Race, bailed out the savings and loan industry.

Here are some things we can learn from this speech: the realm of politics is a mess, Obama has a lot on his plate, he could be doing a better job, and Republicans are pesky hypocrites. Anyone for a populist overthrow of the government?

~John Lechner

  1. Chris Edmundson says:

    Sounds just like you, Lechner. I look forward to reading more from you as our government tries to un-fuck itself.

  2. Ryan Armijo says:

    haha, this is definitely you talking here, especially your hit on Ronald Reagan.

    I also like the tag “hot daughters” well done.

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