Pants On the Ground: Please Make it Stop

Posted: January 29, 2010 by pomsie in Uncategorized
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What started as some ridiculous and unfortunate song used in a tryout on the new season of American Idol (insert groan here) from someone calling himself “The General” has turned into a full blown national obsession.  Think Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” YouTube impersonations, only not nearly as entertaining or worth the time of day. 

Watch “The General” do his thing here.

First, NFL quarterback and professional waffle maker, Brett Favre, performed his take of the “song” after a playoff win in the team locker room

After that, the “song” seemed to spread like the bubonic plague, with impersonations by the likes of Jimmy Fallon and seemingly any other person desperate for attention and an MTV reality show. 

So I ask you all: PLEASE STOP NOW!

I don’t want to see or hear your version, I don’t want  to hear you say “giddy up,” and I most certainly don’t want to see your pants on the ground.

~Anne Pomeroy

  1. john doe says:

    Anne Pomeroy, I can tell you prejudice. Beyonce is rich and white people can’t stand it. Single lady was a hit. Larry Platt song will become a hit. White folks get over your hatred.

  2. Kate says:

    hey johnny boy –

    1 – brett favre is white and anne is hatin’ on him too

    2 – you’re prejudiced too because you’re assuming anne’s white

    3 – she didn’t say anything about hating single ladies, just the zillion parodies that followed and actually, she said those were entertaining

    4 – if you’re going to hate on us, do it properly

  3. Melissa says:

    Very funny and true, I do not want to see anyone’s pants on the ground either haha.

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