Notes from Strasbourg: Anticipation a la Plane!

Posted: January 11, 2010 by jerkmagblog in Uncategorized
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The famous Red Light District in Amsterdam.

The famous Red Light District in Amsterdam.

Hello, my name is Wesley Milillo and I am a Jerk Blog correspondent from Strasbourg, France (Thanks, Krystie Lee Yandoli). Can I refer to myself as a correspondent? Probably not, for I am not that legit. Nevertheless, it will provide me with some modicum of self-assurance that will let me sleep at night. Sad.

Anyway, right now I am en route to Paris to spend a few days and nights there before I embark farther  to Amsterdam (oh yeah I said Amsterdam) and Cologne within a ten day span. If I am still coherent (read: if I am not found battered and bruised on some street corner of the Red Light District) by that time, you will hear more from me.

But back to the plane ride. I do not understand planes.  They cram us in like sardines. Why? So that AirFrance can make a few extra bucks, meanwhile the person next to me smells like she hasn’t even heard of the theory of a shower, let alone the act itself.Plus, if that’s not bad enough, I have bags under my eyes the size of craters from not sleeping, the security guard got to third base with me at JFK (thanks terrorism), and now there is a Frenchman standing  in front of me clutching a zip-loc bag full of cartons of cigarettes (he bought at a duty-free stand) just so he can feel good about saving  approximately 5 dollars as he desecrates his lungs. What does he really save?

Anyway, I sit here now on the plane, munching on my bread muffin (no flavor due to, well, its airline food), and drinking my little carton of orange juice (time check: 1:45 E.S.T.). I know that this is my first blog, and it is rife with sarcasm and grievances, but this is all I  have been exposed to thus far and I must say, I am a little bitter because  of it.

However, had it not been for the excitement, curiosity and mystique that is France, I probably would not be so optimistic and energetic. But for now, I will just have to accept flying and all that the process  entails, as well as this guy in front of me who snores.

All these things  are white noise though, a din drowned out by excitement and curiosity.  More interesting observations and experiences to come. Hopefully.

P.S. Having met only a few people on my trip, I managed to spot one hipster (cue sigh of relief).

~Wesley Milillo

  1. lisa says:

    Good blog-well written

  2. Sam says:

    Great post, looking forward to more.

    P.S.– how TIRED are you of hearing about Haiti?


    Ignorant, Intolerant Southerner

  3. vie says:

    hahaha..!i had fun reading this..

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