Salvation Army Christmas Donations STOLEN

Posted: December 9, 2009 by jerkmagblog in Uncategorized
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DONATE, don't steal!

DONATE, don't steal!

Every holiday season we see them, we hear them, we give to them, and we usually feel sorry for them as they stand out in the cold. Yes, I’m referring to the cheery people who ring the bells while collecting donations for the Salvation Army. They have become a symbol of the holiday season, reminding people of those who do not have much during the holidays and how important it is to give back.

On Monday, one collector’s night was not so pleasant when, Shawn Krieger, a 44 year old man from Ohio, stole one of the kettles full of donations outside of a store, and proceeded to say to the donation collector, “I can’t stand you and your bell ringing. I hate Christmas.”
Well excuse me, Mr. Krieger, but you are about the most miserable person that I have ever heard of. They have been standing outside of stores for not even a full week and already you can’t stand them? Get over yourself, suck it up, and walk on by.

Stop being such a Scrooge or a Grinch or whatever the most despised Christmas villain you can think of would be appropriate here. Don’t worry, the “Grinch” was caught, thank goodness, and the money was fortunately recovered.

Mr. Krieger you need to do yourself a favor and get yourself some holiday spirit, and if you can’t manage that then brush up on your manners, because pushing, stealing, and taking from people less fortunate then you, just because you feel like it, is a major no, no!

~Brooke Belke

  1. Ungood says:

    That quote is priceless– “I can’t stand you and your bell ringing. I hate Christmas.”

  2. […] police over a consumed chicken sandwich is a little much. It’s not like she’s stealing from the Salvation Army or anything. It’s a freaking sandwich. What about the hundreds of people stealing from stores in […]

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