MySpace has just ruined my life…RIP imeem

Posted: December 9, 2009 by KatiePunkin in Uncategorized
rupert murdoch of news corp and fox news devil

Rupert Murdoch, mastermind of fair and balanced infotainment Fox News, ruins music. Good Job asshole--I hate you even more now.

In my mind, the best music site was imeem. You could create your own playlists and embed them on other websites and even listen to entire albums by the artists you wanted to hear, something lost after the intro of iTunes let people buy individual songs for 99 cents and killing the album itself as an art. Imeem was a music lover’s wet dream.

I even paid five dollars to get the VIP. It’s the first free service I’ve ever bought into enough to give them credit card information, thereby saying “Yes, Imeem, I enjoy your service so much, I will pay for it. You are worth it. Good Job.”

And now Myspace bought it for a million dollars, shut down the site and didn’t inform imeem users (all 16 million of them), including developers who were working on integrating twitter and imeem.

Fuck you MySpace. You ruin lives. Just ask the twitterverse.

–Kate, Editor-At-Large

PS. Anyone know if I can get a refund on my five dollars? And I really hope MySpace doesn’t have my credit card information. $@#%$

  1. sad panda says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I went to the site this morning an it sent me to Myspace. I immediately closed the browser and cried. Imeem was an awesome site and to be bought out for so little, shameful to say the least.

  2. Katie says:

    Down with News Corp!

  3. THE Tod says:

    i like how forlorn he looks in that pic

  4. Kate says:

    i think he looks constipated because he’s full of shit

  5. Carly says:

    i think he’s incredibly sexi.

  6. Ryan says:

    i have no1 to yell at but i am so angry!!!! where’s imeem!???

  7. Mooseman McMoses says:

    Myspace. Thanks for confirming all of my feelings of disdain for you.

    Anyone looking for an alternative to, check out it’s no imeem, but it’s going to have to do for the time being.

  8. cj says:

    bring imeem back, i want my playlist please..

  9. wonderwall97 says:

    Yeah I also want my imeem back. . A always believe that imeem is free music at its best. And I also was shock to hear that imeem is only worth a million dollars. .Is that all its free music is worth? I mean, come on, with the free advertisement aka promotion that free streaming music has given the musicians. .

  10. peter says:

    myspace sucks my ass. i hate it. i lost my faith in humanity somehow.
    so sign this.

  11. cat person says:

    Wait wait WHAT!? My imeem playlists are GONE?!? I’m speechless. I had so many cool playlists on there with good sound quality. I’ve never considered MySpace a fast site. I don’t like them.

  12. dre says:

    myspace sux dick…I went to IMEEM cuz of my hatred for they are together…i know dam well i would have paid extra to keep my playlist there and im sure that a handful of people, specifically the ones who put months into putting up thousands of songs would have too …

  13. TrgdyAnn says:

    I HATE MYSPACE!!!!!!! I worked for a long time to build my playlists on Imeem and The Skank Hoe(myspace) of the internet RUINED EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. b-Easy says:

    It was a sad sight to see my playlists ravaged. Since that day I have not logged into imeem or myspace since. MySpace is dying, and–just like Oedipus–in an attempt to avoid his fate, Murdoch has steered his ship directly into dad-killing, mom fuckery. You suck, NEWSCORP. You have no concept of the interwebs – stick to buying up shitty newspapers…

  15. At most testing to recognize if your comment fuctinon works, supply doesnt!

  16. corona says:

    I imported my playlist last night that was supposed to contain the same songs from my imeem playlist, well out of 50 songs, I received 8!. I’m extremely disappointed and sad to see such a great site completely ruined my myspace. I was hoping they’d migrate all the playlists accurately but apparently thats beyond their ability. Which explains why so many hate this company. I’ve cancelled my account with them after this trickery and will never go there again. Just a waste of time if you ask me. And its not as if i had this huge playlist to bring over and they couldnt even get half of my songs? Just unbelievable.


  17. elijah says:

    fuck you myspace !!

    suck my dick !!

    imeem was the greatest then you just suck the newscorp. then they give the imeem site !!

    fuck you all !!

  18. Pauline Cordova says:

    to this day i still can’t believe that imeem is gone… forever. i know that the creaters of imeem and myspace have promised all imeem users full access of their old imeem playsits.. but, it’s already been 2 months since imeem closed down and our playlists are still not back to us! when/if are we getting our playlists back?!


  19. Kate says:

    if you log in to myspace, your playlists should be restored…

    …mine are, but i’m not logging into the soulsuck of the internet that is fuckspace

  20. Pauline Cordova says:

    they were restored? WHAT? WHERE?

  21. Kate says:

    if you log into myspace using the email you used to sign up for imeem, they should be there… i checked and mine were in tact but then i left immediately before the sparkles on someone’s profiled made me projectile vomit onto myscreen

    i got an email from myspace a while ago saying they’d restored my playlists… maybe they didn’t do it for yours yet?

    doesn’t matter, still not logging in.

  22. Pauline Cordova says:

    i haven’t received the email from myspace yet. hopefully i get it soon. i just loved those playlists! they were 3 years in the making!

    but, i completely agree with all you guys about myspace. it repels me. it sucks ass.

  23. Kate says:

    wow, mine weren’t that old but i hope you get yours back!

  24. Pauline Cordova says:

    thanks! hopefully i can get it back sooner than later. btw, is there any way i can contact myspace/imeem about possibly getting my playlists back earlier? i’m just so desperate.

  25. Kate says:

    i have no idea…

    …i want my five bucks and credit card info back though

  26. Pauline Cordova says:

    good luck with that!

  27. RS says:

    I had a nice list of songs on imeem which those tw*ts at myspace could not import thus ruining my playlists… hate them all… I seriously pray that the idiots at imeem find a million blood sucking insects in their pants every morning.

  28. Brandon says:

    Myspace only restored bits and pieces of my playlists. I also *LOST* all of the playlists that belonged to others. I bookmarked so many of them. I sadly just deleted all of those bookmarks…

  29. some girl says:


  30. some girl says:


  31. Joe says:

    Myspace is worst fucking site on this planet. i hate when anyone comes up to me talking about it. i hate when someone asks me if i have a myspace. NO i have a fucking life and IMEEM was my other half. Myspace can rot in hell for eternity and so can that old fuck. FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!

  32. Joe says:

    does anyone know a site similar to imeem?

  33. Emily Azure says:

    I originally found imeem on a story quiz i was doing on quizilla. I loved the song. I remember i saw the song had the websites name clicked it and i ran into the most cool website. TwT
    Now that myspace took my most favorite site of all I promised to never go to that site again, delete my accounts there and just hopefully it would come back. It’s 2011 and my hope has been broken. Mr. Obama joined two of my groups, i had great playlists which u could make it to 200 songs ;~; I made great themes and my friends went into the 900’s and i found a person who lived in my city. now i don’t know if she still lives here. i lost a friend in my city because of myspace T.T

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