Lesson learned from Lauren Conrad

Posted: November 29, 2009 by Jessie Assimon in VAULT -- archives
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Lauren Conrad in sailor costume

Yes, this girl should totally start a clothing line.

Apparently book publishers don’t look for significant, extensive fashion experience when deciding who should write fashion books. Well, at least that’s what it looks like considering Lauren Conrad will write Lauren Conrad Style for Harper Collins, the company announced this week. The blond reality star doesn’t exactly qualify as a fashion expert and her writing abilities are questionable (people wonder if LA Candy was ghostwritten), so how did she do it? Here’s what I’ve learned from Conrad on how to land a fashion book deal (without going through the Newhouse Fashion Communications Milestone):

1.Star in reality T.V. shows. Come on, we all know Conrad wouldn’t be as successful as she is today if she didn’t lust after Kristin’s Stephen on Laguna Beach.

2. Intern for Teen Vogue. Conrad worked in the fashion closet, essentially. Our opinions assistant editor, Greg had the same internship for Lucky this summer. Maybe Harper Collins should ask him to pen a book about Style too.

(Hey Harper Collins: He’s in the Fashion Communications Milestone program aka he knows how to write about fashion, by the way.)

3.Start a fashion line. And then close it because no one purchases it.

4.Write a New York Times bestseller. It’s true that Conrad’s first novel, LA Candy hit #1 on the prestigious list, however, people say that the book (which I haven’t read) is a fictitious rehashing of episodes of The Hills. So if she did actually write the book, it wouldn’t be too hard to recreate the various fights at clubs with Heidi Montag…just make Montag sound like bigger bitch.

~Jessie Assimon

  1. lisa says:

    You have some issues because not all the facts are being presented. LA Candy is not rehashing of The Hills rather what happened behind the scenes like her becoming famous off the reality tv show.

  2. Katie says:

    There is no way she wrote LA Candy. I mean, really, Lauren Conrad could never write a novel, nor should she. That concept is laughable. Her name was put on it to sell books, and that happens a lot. Celebrities never write their books… Thank GOD.

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