Korean Woman Passed Drivers Exam After Test Given 950 Times!

Posted: November 19, 2009 by jerkmagblog in Uncategorized
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Cha-Sa smiles for the camera, 950 times later!

Cha-Sa smiles for the camera, 950 times later!

Watch out Korean drivers! In Seoul, on Wednesday, a 68 year old, Korean woman passed her written drivers exam after taking it 950 times (I bet most of you are happy you don’t have to drive on Korean streets right about now.)

Cha- Sa soon has been taking the test almost every day since April 2005. She supposedly needs her license for her vegetable business. She was obviously very determined, because I don’t know anyone who would voluntarily put themselves through that much stress and humiliation.Shouldn’t there be a rule on how many times you take the driving exam? I’m sure any person would agree that 950 times is a little more than excessive. Sorry, lady but come on now, some people just aren’t good at things and obviously driving is something that you just weren’t cut out to do.

If it took her 950 times to pass the rules of the road can you imagine what kind of driver she is behind the wheel? She now actually has to apply what she wasn’t good at understanding and drive around other cars and people. I would not want to be that driving instructor.

~Brooke Belke

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