Asswipes protesting on Waverly Avenue in Syracuse

The scenery on my way down to Marshall Street...beautiful isn't it. Also, for clarity's sake, most of these people are witnesses, not protestors.

If you look closely at the sign, it says “Islam is an Evil, Oppressive, Violent, Murderous Religion” and I can’t even begin to say how incredibly inaccurate this statement is. If you have any semblance of a brain and aren’t deluded by those hatemongers akin to Glenn Beck, you’ll already know. If you don’t, I have no way of convincing you because you clearly belong to a faction of American society that follows ignorant statements spewed by TV pundits pandering to the lowest common public fear for ratings. Coincidentally, this is exactly what Hitler did to get elected in Germany and then carry out the Holocaust.

On a side note, the gentleman in the black coat with his back turned to the camera followed me after I took this picture with my cellphone. He seems to believe that he can sue me if I post this on the Internet. He clearly doesn’t know his media law (thank you Professor Gutterman). He was in a public place, the sidewalk on the corner of University and Waverly Avenue in Syracuse. This locale is just outside the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, ripe full of budding journalists. Smart location if you want to keep your ignorant, protesting identity a secret.

Second side note, the guy holding the sign is changing it up. Last week his sign featured an aborted fetus. Someone needs a day job.

–Kate Holloway, Editor-at-Large

Update 3:10 PM – I forgot to mention that the man with the hateful sign was also holding another sign about Jesus and love and spewing out messages to the effect that Islam was spread on the hilt of a sword (I can’t remember the exact quote, so I won’t try to put it). I know we’re the ironic generation, but Crusades and American colonization anyone?

  1. Kristin says:

    In reference to the first side note, not only is he in a public space he is also willingly making himself a public figure by protesting. Wow. Ignorance is bliss.

  2. Kate says:

    Haha, exactly! I even responded calmly and very politely “You’d have no grounds sir. You are standing in a public place.” He started shouting after me. I think I was lucky I was with some of the guys from work.

  3. katienowak says:

    Good catch, Punkin. Can’t believe he thought doing this outside of Newhouse was a good idea (or really, doing this at all). I second Kristin’s sentiments.

  4. Kelsie says:

    You shoulda seen him on “Let’s Help the Homosexuals” day. Some chick yelled at him from her car, and he shouted Bible verse at her until the light changed.

  5. Jasperjones says:

    What the hell is a protest against Islam even supposed to do? It’s not going to get rid of Islam. Morons.

  6. Carly says:

    Hmmm. I saw cloaked man shouting expletives into his cell phone by the entrance of Schine this afternoon. He was shouting about Islam and Peanut M&Ms?

    I’m not even shitting you.

  7. Jokes says:

    Islam may not be an evil, oppressive, and violent religion. However, its practitioners do happen to follow along those lines quite well. Perhaps a little real world experience would do you some good, and not vomiting up the party line as your own thoughts would help as well. Not a hatemonger myself, but I don’t consider myself a sheep either. I do find it ironic that you liberals will protest a protest. What happened to free speech, or does that not apply when it goes against your beliefs??

  8. Kate says:

    Well Jokes, you could say thing the same thing about a lot of Christians who spread pervasive messages of hate. Don’t even try to pretend that Christians have not used violence for centuries to force their message of Jesus Christ onto those who were content to believe in something else.

    You seem to be assuming a majority of Muslims believe in the hateful doctrine preached by one particular sect. You are incorrect. Why don’t you get a little real world experience and actually go out and meet someone who doesn’t share your religious beliefs.

    You are also ironically protesting my protest, but I never said anything about censoring free speech. I just said the man was an ignoramus and his protest just proves to me that . What do you have to say about my free speech?

  9. Jasperjones says:

    I’d like to hear all the “real world experience” Jokes has with average muslims.

  10. Sean says:

    is this the crazy guy who looks like vladimir putin and wears an israeli arm band to MES events??

  11. Kate says:

    Well he certainly did look like Vladimir Putin so could be!

  12. Lindsey Leonard says:

    Well at least this despicable man can read. I mean, it certainly isn’t ironic that he’s standing next to Newhouse and its big ‘ol First Ammendment free speech declaration.

    I think that we should get some signs together and protest him, specifically, the next time he’s out there (or anywhere for that matter).

  13. krystieyandoli says:

    Oh dear GOD this guy is crazy–but he makes my day every time I see him protesting about something. If I don’t interpret it purely as entertainment, it could drive me INSANE.

  14. Kate says:

    Congratulations to all those who protested him last night. You guys rock!

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