Drum roll please...

Drum roll please...

Ya know those albums that change your life? The ones that you look back on years later and you know that you would be in a totally different place if not for the discovery of that CD?

These albums are a staple in a music lover’s collection. Maybe you lucked out and have a bunch. Maybe it’s just one or two. Regardless, you have them, and you know the collection wouldn’t be the same without them. For the most part, these albums are few and far between. Once in a while, that CD comes along, and you know that it’s truly amazing.

I’ve now found that album.

I stumbled over the album on AbsolutePunk.net, my favorite source for new music, music news, etc. After pulling up a new page I found myself absolutely intrigued by what I was hearing– it was amazing. I had listened to this band before, mainly in passing, and I had no idea they had this much potential. Before, they were simply corny pop-punk in my mind. They now hold one of the top musical spots. They are inching their way toward the Top Five.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, Lorna, stop with the torturous suspense and just tell the name of the band and album.
Drumroll please….


The band that talks about “getting jerseys because we make a great team” has officially changed my life. First of all, the CD is musically amazing. It’s all “together,” it has a good mix of slower and more upbeat songs. But more importantly in my opinion, it’s put together with such genuine effort and energy.

The music flows from one song to another. The lyrics are deep; they are relatable, and filled with emotion. My favorite concept of the entire album is the ending. Broken up into two songs, it is the perfect ending for a CD. The second to last song is powerful and faster, and flows quickly and almost abruptly into the last track, which ends with an excellently slow note of finality. Even the album case is beautifully created.

This album has truly changed my life, as I hope it does yours.

~Lorna Oppedisano

  1. Katie says:

    Let’s NOT forget that this music helps people find Jesus! Hallelujah!

    So punk, indeed.

  2. Ungood says:

    @Katie, I’m still holding out for their guest appearance on the 700 Club.

  3. Sam says:

    Ah, I was pretty disappointed to see this pick. Reliant K? Really?

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