I don’t know why, but I feel like I’ve been hearing a lot about dodgeball lately. It’s been a theme in my friends’ facebook statuses, they were playing dodge rock on an episode of the Fairly OddParents ealier (yes, I still watch that show) and, you guessed it, the movie was on this afternoon.

As the commentators Cotton (Gary Cole) and Pepper (Jason Bateman) often pointed out, it is a modern day Cinderella story. And who doesn’t love Cinderella? Just like in the famous fairytale, there are many happy endings in one. The dork gets the popular girl, the awkward man-child gets, well, a girl and the hero gets the hot bisexual. Oh yea, and the bad guy gets fat, which is what we all wish on our enemies (at least I do).

With some of the best cameos in comedy history (William Shatner, Lance Armstrong, Chuck Norris, David Hasselhoff and Hank Azaria), Dodgeball took a true underdog story and made us laugh while touching our hearts.

Another comedic dream team in the making.

Another comedic dream team in the making.

It could also be the beginnings of a new comedic dream team. Much like Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Allen Covert, Peter Dante and Jonathan Loughran never seem to be in a movie without each other, Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman and Justin Long might be teaming up. Just two years after Dodgeball was released in 2004, the three were seen side by side again in 2006’s The Break-Up. If you read my last blog, you know that Vaughn and Bateman also just starred together in Couples Retreat. Earlier in 2004, Vaughn and Bateman appeared together in Starsky and Hutch with Ben Stiller (who played White Goodman in Dodgeball).

I guess what they say is true: a cast that plays together, stays together.

-Kelsey Bennett

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