A Palin Party?

Posted: November 5, 2009 by jerkmagblog in Uncategorized
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It’s Old Hick Herself!

It’s Old Hick Herself!

Here in D.C., the talk of the town never veers too far from analyzing the facebook musings of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. In the ranking of issues of interest, it goes something like: re-election, re-election, Sarah Palin’s facebook, re-election, sex. And so, I shall contribute and propose a possible senario: Sarah Palin as Andrew Jackson.

In what respect, Kevin? Mini-history: Andrew Jackson’s “outsider” candidacy is largely credited with super-charging the Democratic Party by winning the presidency with grassroots popular support arising from widespread populist discontent over the powers that be. Jackson was the anti-elitist candidate. Palin may not have led troops against the British — but she’s sparking populist tea parties left and (especially) right.Sound mavericky? Let’s look at the recent history of the 23rd New York congressional district. Three candidates vied for the seat vacated by Rep. John McHugh. There was Democratic nominee Bill Owen, and the moderate Republican state Assemblywoman Dierdre Scozzafava, whose liberal social positions failed to satisfy the conservative base.

This paved the way for “conservative” far-right candidate Doug Hoffman to take center stage. His candidacy exploded following the surprise endorsement by – you guessed it –Sarah Palin, who praised him for not being “annointed by the party machine.” Her tone echoed the throngs of anti-tax, town-hall crashing “Tea Party” masses who marched on Washington in September. Scozzafava has since dropped out and endorsed the Dem…and if Hoffman wins, Palin’s clearly the kingmaker.

Who are the other contendors for 2012? Speculation focuses on Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty. Both have supported and stumped for Republican candidates, and would presumabely seek the Republican nomination were they to run for president. But the real conservative leaders today are not in congress or the Republican party — they are in the media. Its a combination of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin — and they are clearly mad has hell and not taking it anymore. They have power.

Just imagine…Sarah Barracuda runs for president as…a mavericky independent. Romney/Palenty and Obama/Biden bicker and alientate and split the vote, until — LIPSTICK — like a Ross Perot with sex appeal and more electoral success, third-party Palin breaks through with a plurality (kind of like how Clinton won in ’92). Hello Missus Maverick, woman of the people, America’s populist warrior-princess, our prettiest president: Sarah Palin.

Incredibly likely? No. But, with the right sequence of events and a luckless three years for the Obama administration, possible?

You Betchya.

~Kevin Eggleston

  1. Alix says:

    hahhaha oh god, I sincerely hope Palin doesn’t run. Side note: Pawlenty’s a douche.

  2. THE Todd says:

    i think palin would win if she ran

    shes got lots of support

  3. Gob says:

    “ross perot with sex appeal”


  4. Kate says:

    Palin probably wouldn’t win as she tends to alienate a more mainstream base…the more “liberal” silent majority of this era. The teabaggers, while they’re pretty vocal and covered by the media, don’t necessarily have the numbers.

  5. […] to when we believed in change and believed so strongly in that ‘Yes we can!’ motto. Back when Sarah Palin was a laughing stock and not a role model for reality TV parenting. Yeah, that […]

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