With an all-star comedic cast, Couples Retreat was destined for greatness from the get-go.

Vince Vaughn, John Favreau, and Jason Bateman are as hilarious as I expected them to be together. The crowded theatre roared with laughter as Jason (Bateman) pulled an imaginary gun on his therapist, Dave (Vaughn) got bitten by a shark, and Joey (Favreau) tried to seduce his masseuse (needless to say, he wasn’t successful). Oh yeah, and let’s not forget when they were all violated by a man in a banana hammock (Carlos Ponce).

The movie begins with four couples that get a great deal on a vacation, but their island paradise quickly turns into hell when they find out they have to participate in couples therapy and attempt to save their failing marriages in order to stay.

"Is his junk out? Now it's a party"

"Is his junk out? Now it's a party"

So it is a tad predictable, but what romantic comedy isn’t? Let’s face it, we’d be mad if they didn’t end up the way we wanted them to, and yet we still complain about being able to guess the ending as soon as we see a preview.  When you think about it, romantic comedies can only end in one of two ways anyway: either the boy gets the girl or he doesn’t. And we all know what a piece a crap the movie turns into when he doesn’t (cough, cough, The Break-Up, cough). I guess Vince learned his lesson.

All in all, Couples Retreat made for a wonderful afternoon out (hooray for matinees and poor college students), and I suggest you see it if you’re looking for a laugh with a little romance on the side.

~Kelsey Benett

  1. Kate says:

    see but then there are my favorite movies, like (500) days of summer where the guy doesn’t get the girl…

    and what about my best friend’s wedding?

    …personally, i think the break up rocked because it pinpointed minutiae that end “good” relationships, even if you wanted them to stay together

  2. Katherine says:

    ive never actually seen 500 days of summer, but i desperately want to. and my best friends wedding is an amazing movie, but the boy does get a girl…just not the one you expect. the breakup was good, but it was also really real. i don’t want to watch a movie that reminds me of how sucky life can be

  3. Mike says:

    i found this movie to be absolutely hilarious…I agree that movis that end up like the break up do actually piss us off….i mean c’mon! they both realize that they were wrong and still love eachother but decided to not get back…that is is crap….but anyway this movie isnt a must see but it is worth going to theatre for…u get what u pay for..another great comedic movie with vaughn and he is accompanied with a great cast which makes it that much better

  4. Katie says:

    Yeah, I like movies where the guy doesn’t get the girl. It’s refreshingly real.

  5. […] was released in 2004, the three were seen side by side again in 2006’s The Break-Up. If you read my last blog, you know that Vaughn and Bateman also just starred together in Couples Retreat. Earlier in 2004, […]

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