Blame it on my Wild Heart

Posted: October 17, 2009 by bryanhood in Uncategorized
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Books Read (at Least in Part) This Week:

“Atmospheric Disturbances” by Rivka Galchen
“Nausea” by Jean-Paul Sartre
“The Wild Things” by Dave Eggers

"We'll stick together forever..."

"We'll stick together forever..."

Ummm, so I totally didn’t finish Atmospheric Disturbances this week.  Oh well.  There is a sea of books out there calling my name blah blah blah.  This happens every week, I’m quite sure you, my faithful reader, are used to it.

Instead let’s move onto more pressing matters: what I did read!  Well, there was a chapter or two Galchen book  (it’s still great) and a little bit of Sartre’s most famous novel (dude, don’t skip that introductory essay by Hayden Carruth, it’s kinda awesome), but what I spent most of my time on was “The Wild Things,” Dave Egger’s adaptation of the movie he co-wrote with director and ever loveable rapscallion of the film world, Spike Jonze.

It’s fun!  It’s loud!  It’s obnoxious!  But best of all, the book doesn’t know who it’s for.  Is it a Young Adults book?  Is it a regular McSweeney’s novel?  Who the fuck cares when it’s this good.  And also, a round of applause for Mr. Eggers and his earth shattering idea to give kids some credit.  Like most of you out there, those of you who care to read this at least, I’ve been looking forward to the movie for years, and believe it or not this book only makes me more excited.  Exactly what a movie adaptation should do, though in all my years I’ve never seen it happen.

 "...stay sick together, be crazy forever"

"...stay sick together, be crazy forever"

There’s two reason you won’t like this book 1) you’re not looking forward to the movie and 2) you don’t like Dave Eggers.  If you answer yes to one (or even worse, both) I have the same answer: I couldn’t care less about your opinion.  Close minded?  Probs.  But fuck it, I’m too busy enjoying life, enjoying idealism and enjoying reading.

-Bryan Hood

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