He’s got it covered. Letterman can handle his own scandal.

Posted: October 13, 2009 by Jessie Assimon in POP - pop culture
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Dave sure loves the ladies!

Dave sure loves the ladies!

The man who likes to criticize and make fun of everyone else’s foolish antics apparently has been the one acting foolishly all along. As most of you know, David Letterman, the late night talk show host, admitted to past sexual relations with female staff members. Robert “Joe” Halderman, allegedly extorted Letterman into airing his dirty laundry, for if Letterman didn’t confess to his flings on air, he allegedly would have to pay $2 million.

Honestly, I don’t care about this story. What he did was wrong and unprofessional, but personally, the story disinterests me. Yet, this week’s biggest pop culture headline did, of course, teach me a few valuable lessons.

Lesson One: If you’re out there cracking a joke at the dirty laundry of politicians and celebrities, you probably have some skeletons in your own closet.

In fact, Letterman jokes about other affairs so often (it is his job, after all) that when he announced his own affairs, his studio audience laughed at first. They thought he was joking!

Is there anything you want to say, Jay?Lesson Two: Announce your scandal first, before other media outlets have the chance.

Letterman’s confession seems less shocking after he announced it, for if another media outlet broke the news, a much larger shock would have occurred. For example, Letterman’s scandal is still on the cover of People magazine, however it is only featured in the top right corner. If People or even CNN broke the story, it is most likely that Letterman’s story would’ve served as the main cover story.

Letterman taking care of business and setting the record straight.

Letterman taking care of business and setting the record straight.

Lesson Three: Letterman is a literal jerk – not like us cool Jerks.

He may have come across as a jerk before this scandal, but now I definitely know that Letterman is, well, an ass. For starters, he cheated on his then-girlfriend, now-wife. Also, it is unknown whether his sexual affairs with female staffers had anything to do with advancing in the work place. However, when the big boss sleeps around with female colleagues, you can bet there is pressure on the women and they’re most likely being taken advantage of.

 ~Jessie Assimon

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