All of the Boys and All of the Girls are Begging to If You Seek Susan Boyle

Posted: April 29, 2009 by Nancy Mucciarone in POP - pop culture
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Her voice is much prettier than her face

Her voice is much prettier than her face

Britain’s Got Talent has been a huge source of discussion for people across America. The show, which is similar to American Idol, features people of all ages performing their talent on stage in hopes of getting approval from three judges. As the competition goes on, people are eliminated, and the last person left wins a cash prize.

Recently, everyone has been talking about 10-year-old Hollie Steel who danced and sang on stage, wowing the judges. While people appreciate her talent, it doesn’t even compare to the voice of Susan Boyle, an unemployed, never-been-kissed, 47-year-old who performed I Dreamed a Dream on the show a few weeks ago. When she first got on stage, the fashionably troubled woman received eye-rolls from the audience and judges alike. Judge Simon Cowell basically mocked the woman, implying that she must not be very good if she is 47 and has yet to be discovered. Then, Susan Boyle sang and the audience and judges erupted in applause.

Her voice is simply amazing to say the least. And she didn’t sing typical “I’m a Genie in a Bottle” pop star junk; instead, she sang a classic song that really showed off her voice. While the song choice was different for a show like Britain’s Got Talent, it was refreshing to finally hear something other than mainstream pop culture music.

The thing that totally sucks about Boyle’s situation is that just because she wasn’t a typical half naked ditzy 20-something year old blonde, no one took her seriously. Our culture has turned into one where we only appreciate what is considered “in”. So many singers start out as innocent teenagers and then get a complete makeover by their record company and turn out to be Trashy McSlutface. Look what happened to Britney Spears. She began her career by singing about soda pop and an entry in her diary about a cute boy she saw, and now she’s telling us that everyone and their mom wants to F her. Even Nelly Furtado got a makeover. She began as a small town girl who wanted to fly away and then she came back and was squawking about how promiscuous she is. How do these singers seriously agree to it?

Boyles new look

Boyle's new look

Susan Boyle has already received a slight makeover, as she emerged from her home last week with a classy new wardrobe, a new haircut, and tamed eyebrows. While I know that people are just trying to make her look better, it was nice to have a singer who was appreciated for her voice instead of her looks for once. It seems like it might be difficult for Susan Boyle to ever get very famous because she’s past the age where it is appropriate to take off her clothes and have her parade around stage.

Only time will tell the fate of Susan Boyle. While I do hope she has her first kiss at some point in the near future, I also hope that she’ll stay in the spotlight and be appreciated for her talent.

~ Nancy Mucciarone

  1. Blonde says:

    In fact, of the thousands of youth who participate in Group Workcamps Foundation each summer, there are more girls than boys. Blonde

  2. Kaitlin says:

    i love susan boyle! she has an amazing voice and i agree that she deserves to stay in the spotlight and recognized for her talent. great post =)

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