Feelin’ the Love of Mother Earth

Posted: April 21, 2009 by erikabrynn in Uncategorized
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Bare feet. Hula Hoops. Hippie skirts. Face paint. Live music. And a little bit of sunshine. It was the perfect way to celebrate the commencement of Earth Day.

As a tree huggin’ girl hailing from Boulder, Colorado, I am all about Earth Day. Spending a couple of hours Sunday afternoon at Thornden Park for NYPIRG’s “Sustain-A-Cuse” festival, I removed my Converse and mismatched socks, welcomed the long-missed sun and embraced the spirit of Earth Day.

NPIRG, if you don’t already know, is an environmental organization associated with both Syracuse University and SUNY ESF. Each year, NYPIRG hosts a celebration in light of Earth Day.

This year’s event took place at the Thornden Park Amphitheatre and featured expert speakers on sustainable solutions, arts and crafts, dancing and live music from Boots n’ Shorts, Sophistafunk and Colin of Los Blancos Acoustic Set.

But the best part was just feelin’ the love. I watched a little girl twirl around in her ballerina tutu to the live music, a middle-aged, Birkenstock-wearing man try out the hula hoop and a circle of college boys play hackey sack. Surrounded by dreadlocks and peanut-butter pine-cone making, I felt very at peace with Mother Earth.

She does so much for us, and this week it’s time for us to give back. April 22nd is Earth Day and time to get our green on. Take a shorter shower, turn off the water when you brush your teeth, buy an eco-friendly water bottle, take the extra step to the recycling bin, use the hand dryer over paper towels and buy tupperware for “to-go” at the cafeteria. I am sure you know what to do by now. The hard part is doing it, but I have faith in you.

If you are REALLY feelin’ the love, ESF is hosting a number of Earth Day inspired activities. On Friday, April 24th at 6:00 p.m., Earth Jam is going down on their quad. This eco-friendly party features an organic/vegan cook-off and an outdoor movie. Local musicians will also be performing. On Saturday, April 25th from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., both SU and ESF students can partake in some healthy trail work in Baltimore Woods.

If you are into eating locally, which I highly suggest you do get into, “Go Green, Eat Slow” is taking place in the Waverly lot on Wednesday, April 29th from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. The event celebrates local farmers and local sustainable restaurants in the effort to spread awareness about the importance of eating locally.

So get out there and celebrate Earth Day. Heck, celebrate Earth Year.

-Erika Mahoney

  1. Ellen says:

    Great blog. Terrific coverage of SU Earth Day

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