Ireland: Guinness, Cliffs (hopefully not at the same time)

Posted: April 7, 2009 by Katie in Uncategorized
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This is what they have instead of WALK signs

This is what they have instead of WALK signs

On my recent trip to Ireland I realized two very important things. 1) Leprechauns exist. Many Irish people are just really short. 2) Half the kids who go to Syracuse are Irish and secretly leprechauns, which is why I rarely find a guy tall enough to date my 5’8 stature. Twas a learning experience for all.

We gals started our journey in hoppin’ Dublin, where I officially fell in love with old Irish men. Even when just offering to give me (an obviously lost tourist) some directions, they ooze jolliness. I don’t care if they have beer on their breath.

But our real adventure began the following day on our trip to Galway, a charming town on the west coast. Fer serious, they had more swans than ducks, and I saw a brazen heron walking down the sidewalk like he owned the place. Them birds got sass. Galway offers visitors plenty of cutesy Irish shops (meh), but more importantly, lots of mom and pop Irish restaurants.

Easiest way to get lost in Galway: search for the pot of gold after 5 pints of Guinnes

Easiest way to get lost in Galway: search for the pot of gold after 5 pints of Guinnes

We didn’t have much time though, because we embarked on a 6-hour bus tour across the countryside. Yeah yeah, that makes me a lame tourist, but I don’t care. It was all to see the glorious Cliffs of Moher. Those mofos are huge and glorious. Once we got there, our tour guide warned up not to stand too close because you might, you know, fall off and die. He kind of killed the moment.

Nevertheless, we oohed and ahhed ’til the cows came home. And indeed, they did come home. We experienced what locals call “rush hour,” when the road was blocked by cows. After seeing countless castles cliffs, our bus returned us to gorgeous Galway. We ladies strolled along the harbor, made friends with the swans, and filled up on some shepherd’s pie for din din.

So, dear reader, if you ever make it to Ireland, I recommend going to Galway. Go see the countryside and you’ll witness the best of Ireland. Then wash it all down with a pint of Guinness.


~ Katie Allyn

  1. HOT PANTS says:

    irish people aren’t that short! i mean theyre kinda short but not all of us are. i know what you mean tho.

  2. Steph says:

    Im 100% sure they exist. Ive seen plenty of leprecauns during my stay here… both in ireland and in London. There was a whole posse of them out this morning. all going to church, club church of course.

  3. Matt says:

    Dude. Leprechauns are hot.

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