Can’t We All Just Get Along

Posted: April 4, 2009 by jlmarti in Uncategorized
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To criticize or not to criticize: that is the dilemma many face when evaluating the current job of the Obama administration. In an effort for individuals to better understand our stance and to see how our standpoint has helped (or harmed) the nation, there will be an exploration on various stances people have taken when assessing the 44th President and his cabinet’s actions thus far.

On one side, we have the people that love President Obama and feel that he can do no wrong. These people won’t even entertain the idea of Obama being guilty of any wrongdoing. On another side, we have the die-hard Republicans who spend every waking second criticizing every move Obama makes. Republicans also have this foreseeable way of fixing America without presenting a viable way of . . . actually . . . fixing . . . America. The final group is the “wait-and-see” audience. In a time where people are expecting a quick fix, we cannot criticize Obama for every time the Dow drops or more money must be funneled into the automobile and banking companies. We must give President Obama more than 3 months to define his presidency.

As President Obama pointed out, the goals we try to meet may not be met in the first couple of months, one year or during one term. With the dire state of America, we must realize that the road back to stability will take time as well as the support of every American. Praying for a president’s downfall will never help matters, Rush Limbaugh. Our nation’s leaders must no longer hide behind party lines when facing the overwhelming task at hand. They must be proactive and collectively work together to repair a nation on the brink of disaster. While we can only hope that the United States is better off a year from now than it is today, it will take everyone’s participation to have these hopes realized.

~ Jose Martinez

  1. Kate says:

    well said sir!

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