Dark Art

Posted: March 31, 2009 by sarahlizparker in POP - pop culture, VAULT -- archives
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On Saturday March 28, at 8 p.m. (local time), some one billion people around the world turned off their lights, for one single hour. The hour was Earth Hour.


It started in Christchurch, New Zealand, and moved westward, turning Australia, Manila, Dubai, Dublin, New York, Chicago, and finally San Francisco into cities of darkness and shadows. Global landmarks—the Sydney Opera House, Rome’s Colosseum, Times Square, and the Golden Gate Bridge—all stood in darkness (even google.com turned its lights off, switching to a black background for the hour).

Its sponsor, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), claimed the global event was intended to “make a statement” against the global warming giant. Americans produce some 20 tons of carbon dioxide every year. But that’s nothing compared to the beastly 27 billion tons the world leaves behind every 365 days. The stats are unfortunate, and do nothing for my eco-friendly confidence. I recycle bottles, use my trendy canvas bags for groceries, and even can call myself friends with a few hybrid car owners (stretching it I know).

I know we could never save the planet as valiantly as Captain Planet and his nifty Planeteers. So then what was the point of turning off the lights on a Saturday night? It certainly could never act as a cure to this global warming epidemic, but I think it’s an optimistic stride in diagnosing the problem—because global warming is a completely political issue. And the only way to start making change is to show—globally—that people demand it.

So no matter how gimmicky, earth hour was a success. It’s hard for me to recall another time darkness was so enlightening.

And for those of you who missed operation: lights out (or those of you who want another look at it), check out more photos here.

~ Sarah Parker

  1. bikerbernie says:

    . . . [Many are going to turn on all their lights and even add extra lights to their houses. I too am going to turn all the lights on that I can. There are too many people being brainwashed by group think and not enough independent thinkers in this world. It is a reverse Darwinism.] . . . more at link below



  2. sarahlizparker says:

    i’ll look out for for your lights next year….

  3. can’t say much just one word..awesome!

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