Vivian Girls Don’t Make Music for Normal People

Posted: March 30, 2009 by Mike Estabrook in BLARE -- music, POP - pop culture
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Brooklyn trio Vivian Girls are the most badass chicks in indie rock today. Their self-titled debut album is the perfect soundtrack to a demented sock hop for pissed off kids. Aggressive garage-rock riffs and reverb punctuate their ’60s girl-group harmonies. The 10-track record thrashes through at just over 20 minutes but still captures the Girls’ angst-fun.


Cassie Ramone, Kickball Katy and Ali Koehler were the over-achievers at SXSW this year, performing 17 shows. Who can blame them? Their songs are so damn good they must be a blast to play live. On a side note, anyone wish their first name began with “K” to throw “kickball” before it? 

The album never lets up in high-energy shoegaze rockin’. It’s impossible not to want to jam in a crowded basement and, quite frankly, punch someone during “All the Time” or “Tell the World.” 

But the tracks are not just quick snippets of noisy punk. They’re all strangely catchy. If The Ronettes or The Crystals were abrasive, counterculture rockers, they would sound like Vivian Girls. For example, I can picture my teenage mother doing the Mashed Potato with her gal pals to “Such a Joke” or “Where Do You Run to?” Nothing wrong with nostalgia.

Even the harder cuts like “Damaged” and “I Believe in Nothing” warrant some bobbing.

But Vivian Girls don’t neglect the classic punk structure with “Going Insane,” “No” and “Never See Me Again.” 

Controversy recently surrounded the band when, during an interview, they tore “normal people” a new one, basically describing them as boring losers who go to Applebee’s and order a blooming onion. Check out that interview here.

Some called them pretentious, I call them kick-ass. Who wants to be normal anyway? 

Go to Vivian Girls’ MySpace and listen to some tracks.

Also, the band has recorded awesome songs not on this record that you can try to find. I recommend “Blind Spot” and “My Baby Wants Me Dead.”

~ Mike Estabrook

  1. Incredulous Jerk reader. says:

    This album was so good, it made an appearance on many critics’ best of 2008 lists.

    …please note that we are now in late April 2009.

  2. Mike Estabrook says:

    Yes, but few SU students are aware of Vivian Girls.

    Just trying to spread good music.

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