The Problem of Pollution

Posted: March 20, 2009 by darksenjo420 in Uncategorized
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A familiar sight for many Americans.

A familiar sight for many Americans.

There’s been something that has really been troubling me lately: Pollution. But this problem goes much deeper than it does with most people. There are many definitions of pollution, but the one that has the most supporters goes as follows, “Pollution is the occurrence of chemicals at above-normal levels in any particular component of the environment.” There is a broad range of things that fit “above-normal levels.” It’s scary, actually. As the world’s population keeps increasing, so urbanized areas. More than 76 percent of the developed world is urbanized and almost 40 percent of the developing world is as well. And as more areas become urbanized, they increase pollution too.

Now, to most people, the problem that pollution presents is very simple: it is ugly. That’s as far as the issue goes. But to me, and more frequently to the people of our current generation, the issue that pollution presents is more complicated and important than it merely being fugly. We are now realizing what is really at stake here. The pollution in our world is killing not only our planet, but the people who inhabit it as well. 50 percent of men and 33 percent of women will get cancer in their lifetime. That is ridiculous!  We cannot sit idly by while we kill ourselves, slowly but surely.

Maybe it sounds lame, but recycling actually does make a huge               difference!

Maybe it sounds lame, but recycling actually does make a huge difference!

Do your part and make sure that your trash goes where it needs to be. Write to your congressmen; let them know that pollution is something that needs to be addressed and that we won’t stop until sufficient legislation is passed to ensure the decline in industrial pollution (the main source of pollution in this country). The only way to reduce pollution in our nation is to get governmental mandates to do so. Just get your voice heard. We are young, determined citizens of this nation and we are completely capable of getting things done, if we merely put our heads together and try.

~ Lauren Gibbs

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