Limbaugh Appeals to Females aka his Oppressed Listeners? WTF?!

Posted: March 12, 2009 by krystieyandoli in Uncategorized
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Girls, if this doesn't disgust you, you disgust me...

Girls, if this doesn't disgust you, you disgust me...

Apparently I’m not representing all females when I say Rush Limbaugh is truly a butthead. The “King” of conservative media recently announced he was conducting a poll of how to appeal to more women listeners on his radio show. After taking a couple of previous polls, it was discovered that only 37% of women dig El Rushbo (the Man’s nickname for himself).

Yes the number is small, but percentages are still percentages, and 37% of women DIG El Rushbo. So, for heaven’s sake–what’s the deal? WHY?!

After endless research and reading countless articles, editorials, and blogs, I still couldn’t come up with any reasons why any woman in her sane mind would like him. I also couldn’t find any previously written articles exploring this idea. All I could find are people babbling about why women do hate him (shocking, I know).

I eventually decided I didn’t have many options left, so I consulted with my spring break crew, my 19-year-old male cousin and 75-year-old grandparents. What are any possible reasons why women like good ol’ Rushy?

There is [supposedly] a lack of conservative representation in the media, according to conservatives, making Limbaugh a very strong spokesman for this movement. Because there aren’t a ton of options for Republican listeners, they turn to their media savior and hold on for dear life while he feeds them crud about socialism and wanting their President to fail.

Female Republicans are also likely to not pick up on Rush’s sexist agenda when they’re concerned with listening to his take on “the issues.” The divide of the two-party system has created a permanent divide between liberal and conservative, forcing people to “choose sides” and ignore all other ideas. Women listening to Rush are so consumed with his conservative antics that they don’t even notice his anti-feminist comments.

Yes, because rational, intelligent women usually go for this....

Yes, because rational, intelligent women usually go for this....

I’m going out on a limb here, but someone had to think of justifications why females support Rush Limbaugh at all. So, to all my ladies out there who are currently listening to Rush on Sirius Radio and are willing to give my advice a shot, here it is: I strongly urge you NOT to fall into “limbo” on this issue.

Liberals and conservatives alike should be able to stand on the same platform of discouraging this kind of behavior from their media representatives. With all politics aside, how can you support a man who doesn’t support you or your rights as an American woman?

–Krystie Yandoli

  1. llhaesa says:

    lmao at ‘el rushbo.’

    A lot of women run from association with feminism, even if quizzed on individual issues they would grade out as feminists.

    Not all are liberal though, and perhaps that is where Rush gains female listenership… they may support certain elements of gender equality, but the other stuff trumps it all. Just guessing.

    In the meantime, no el rushbo for me.

  2. john mccrory says:

    bravo miss Yandoli ……You nailed it you go girl

  3. Judith says:

    one of the best pieces you have ever written

  4. Katie says:

    Love it. Those pictures are disturbing. He reminds me of another nasty conservative, Bill O’Reilly, and his audio recording of his nasty sex-filled book:

  5. lily says:

    that photo with the cigar is poorly photoshopped.

  6. Steve says:

    Lily, you’re right, poor photo-shop job. Ye, Rush is against the hardcore feminism – the brand which declares that ALL sex is rape. Married, monogamous, consensual sex is rape. The feminist movement became like the civil rights movement. The U.S. is moving toward equality, but the leaders of these movements attempt to reverse roles, and make women better or more important them men, or minorities more important than whites. The truth is, we should be blind to color, and blind to gender. Someone said to me the human race wouldn’t survive without women. Would it survive without men? Rush makes points like the one I just made, which are taken out of context and used to verbally rape Rush. Keep going, it fuels anti-feminist sentiment.

  7. Krystie says:

    I don’t know how/why I didn’t respond to that last comment made by Steve yet. I could blab for days, but I’ll just copy and paste some statements of yours that don’t require analysis:

    hardcore feminism – the brand which declares that ALL sex is rape

    leaders of these movements attempt to reverse roles

    make women better or more important them men, or minorities more important than whites

    verbally rape Rush


  8. john says:

    i think the first five comments were written by family or friends of the 12 year old who wrote this. lets not kid ourselves, this is a stupid, pointless article and your outrageous liberalism does not help it.

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