The Power of Poop

Posted: March 6, 2009 by darksenjo420 in Uncategorized
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CowPots are completely biodegradable, and can be planted right into the ground!

CowPots are completely biodegradable, and can be planted right into the ground!

With the inception of March comes the promise of spring (well, it does for me anyway – I’m from New Jersey). People start to pack away their sweaters and pull out those shorts and sandals. It is a general time of new beginnings and fresh starts, blossoming relationships and…poop?

This is how brothers Ben and Matt Freund feel, anyway. These two dudes are second-generation dairy farmers from Connecticut. They were looking for a way to deal with a big issue on their farm: Cows produce so much shit! What do you do with so much poop? You turn it into fertilizer, you donate it to your fellow farmers, you pile it up in the back of the farm, and you make flowerpots? Yes, yes you do!

The Freund brothers developed a way to turn cow flops into flowerpots. The end product, a biodegradable seed-starting pot affectionately coined “CowPots”, are now being made by the brothers and sold to big corporations as well as their very own neighboring personal gardeners.

These CowPots, which are created from dried, deodorized manure, offer a serious advantage to those farmers who are concerned for their ecological footprint. They hold water just as well as a plastic pot, they can last for months, and they can be planted directly into the ground (thus eliminating the hardship of transferring the plant without completely demolishing it). They even offer the advantage of having a built in fertilizer boost. It like steroids for your garden! And the best part: they are completely environmentally friendly!

The man, the myth, the cow poop legend.

The man, the myth, the cow poop legend.

Fuck the old saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The 21st century slogan is “When life gives you shit, make flowerpots!” The power of poop is truly unbelievable. Even one of the nastiest, smelliest, filthiest substances in the world can yield to something beautiful.

~ Lauren Gibbs

  1. Katie says:

    Haha, love it. Too bad your roses would smell like crap potted in those suckers.

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