WEEEED (I thought that’d get your attention)

Posted: March 4, 2009 by kabenn03 in POP - pop culture
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Have you noticed that lately there have been a lot more movies with drug references?

Stoner Movies, not just for stoners anymore

Stoner Movies, not just for stoners anymore

Knocked Up, Pineapple Express and Grandma’s Boy are three popular, newish movies that not only reference drugs, but feature them as a major part of the plot, almost as if marijuana was its own character.

It interacts with the other characters, causes problems (and solutions) and is even a source comic relief, much like any human character. It even has several nicknames: weed, pot, locoweed, the assassin of youth and, apparently, tons more, ranging from A-bomb to zoom (I, personally, have never heard it called either, but that could just be me).


In fact, there are so many movies that put such a great emphasis on weed that Movie Crunch made a list of the 20 Best Stoner Movies of all Time, listing all of the above along with Half-Baked, How High, Dazed and Confused and others. Rolling Stone even joined in on the fun and created the Stoner Movie Hall of Fame.



So, here lies the eternal question: which came first, stoners or stoner movies? Are drugs becoming more accepted because there are more and more movies in which the characters casually use them, or are there more stoner movies because there are more stoners now for them the movies to appeal to?

Not to say that only stoners watch stoner movies. I am by no means a stoner, but I can laugh my ass off with the highest of them while watching Seth Rogan and crew use gas masks to get high or Allen Covert and Peter Dante (Alex and Dante from Grandma’s Boy) play video games with a monkey while the T.V. is off.

In reality, stoner movies and college movies have become synonymous. I can’t think of a single college kid that hasn’t at least heard about Pineapple Express enough to be able to quote it.

To sum up, as long as there are stoners, there are going to be stoner movies and I, for one, am completely okay with that.

College and Stoners, like peanut butter and jelly

College and Stoners, like peanut butter and jelly

–Kelsey Bennett

  1. Mike says:

    Totally agree…stoner movies are awesome regardless if you are stoned out your head or sober. Watching James Franco and Seth Rogan have an intense high adventure is amazing. I remember when i went to see that movie that there wasnt one person with clear white eyes haha. I think weed has become part of our culture and we should just accept it, not ban it. A little weed never killed anyone, maybe u do sit on the couch but with a couple of friends it is the best experience of ur life haha…

  2. Williams says:

    The growing number of stoner movies is definately attributable to the growing acceptance of the drug in mainstream society. As we have created a need for it, it will be represented in all forms of media: art, music, and film. It makes for funny plots and interesting sequences in films. There are some movies that are definately catered to pot heads by pot heads, but that doesn’t mean that straight edges can’t enjoy.

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