The Future Of America is Looking Brighter?

Posted: February 27, 2009 by darksenjo420 in Uncategorized
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If anyone can do it, he can

If anyone can do it, he can

Well, it’s happening. We finally have a president who understands the intrinsically important value of our planet’s environmental well-being! WOO-HOO! Who’s with me?
We spoke, and for once they listened. President Obama signed the new economic recovery plan that, for the first time ever in American history, includes a huge investment in clean energy and green jobs. Is any one else peeing their pants and laughing giddily with excitement?

This new immaculately devised economic recovery plan allocates $80 billion for clean energy investments. These new investments include increasing national public transportation and creating environmentally conscious infrastructures across the nation.

It also mandates the creation 1.6 million new green jobs  including 135,000 of those jobs being created by a $4.5 billion investment in “greening” federal buildings. And we’re not done yet. My friends, President Obama also promises a 68 million ton reduction in our nation’s carbon footprint. Yes, that just happened. A reduction of such proportions is like taking a city the size of Chicago, IL and plucking it off the face of the Earth.

New legislation could possibly yield successful results for the environment!

New legislation could possibly yield successful results for the environment!

We need to keep this momentum rolling, people! Obama passed the first test that we presented him with, so let’s keep the fire burning big under his ass. The first few weeks of the Obama presidency have proven to be immensely beneficial for environmental progress, and that fucker better keep it up.

Together as concerned citizens and informed students we helped President Obama take an enormous step forward. This step was taken on a path towards a new future for America. Environmental empathy is not a thing for hippies and “bleeding hearts.” It is a thing of the future, a thing of our current generation, and above all, a thing of immense power and responsibility.

~ Lauren Gibbs

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