I Hate Fat Girls

Posted: February 26, 2009 by Cindia G. Leonard in Uncategorized
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Look, I don’t really hate fat girls.  How do you hate what you are? 

What I hate is when you go shopping and all the good sizes are taken.  What I mean is that all the sizes 12 and up are M.I.A.  Where the hell do they go? 

I’ll tell you where they go…  All the fat girls come and take all the fucking good sizes and then nice girls like me can’t find anything to wear.  It happens every time I go shopping.  It’s always something I really want, like a cute shirt, and it never fucking fails.  

What I hate the most is when you find something really cute and in your size.  You take it to the dressing room and realize that some fat girl, who is way too big to be trying on that size, has already tried on your garment and busted out all the seams, the zipper is broken, or there are teeth and claw marks all up on the inside.  You can’t buy it.   

I don’t want to sound offensive or anything, but have you noticed that the only sizes that are ever left over in stores and end up in clearance are the “odd sizes.”  You know, too-big sized shoes and all the clothes that are 00, 0, or S and XS.  Why aren’t skinny girls at the store fighting for the last pair of 00 jeans?  

When I go shopping I have to spend hours looking and looking for pairs of pants.  I begin to get that sinking feeling, it’s like “they don’t make clothes in my size.”  Trying on clothes used to be fun, but not anymore.  I pray that pants zip up, that shirts fit well enough to hide arm and stomach fat, and that I don’t get stuck in a dress and have to ask my boyfriend to sneak into the fitting room and save me (this has happened to me before.)

Supposedly the average size for women is 12 and 14.  If this is the case then why aren’t stores providing more of the big girl sizes?  Being super thin is actually abnormal, so why don’t they give me a break. 

The sick part is that when I do go shopping all I ever see is real skinny bitches.  Where are the fatties?  Girls like me.  They are wearing all the cute clothes I wanted but I never see those girls.  Are they hiding? 

Come out, come out wherever you are…

– Cindia Gonzalez

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  1. essjayvee says:

    my inner fatty (ok, ok. my OUTTER fatty, too) feels your pain. i say eff cute jeans. i’m taking a spin around the tim hortons drive-thru one more time to drown my sorrows in a 40-pack of timbit love.

    but seriously, my ass has worn jeans of all sizes and, to be honest, there’s just no such thing as finding cute jeans in your size. try finding a size 8. impossible. 10? forget it. if you can’t find jeans in your size, just take it as a sign that you’re not alone. there’s some babe YOUR EXACT SAME PANT SIZE looking hot and bodacious in those jeans.

    i’m just going to start buying up the size NOTHINGs, sewing them together and wearin’ ’em like skirts.

  2. cindiagonzalez says:

    That is some psychological bullshit. I mean how early do I have to be at the fucking store to get the first picks?

    And just as a side note jean skirts are hideous. Don’t do it S.J. JUST SAY NO.

  3. Nancy Mucciarone says:

    I think with bigger sizes it’s either hit or miss. Some days I think that is all they have, when other days there literally is nothing. It’s weird though, because I feel the opposite that you do with the clearance section. Every time I go they never ever have size 0 or small. I guess no matter what size you are, they try to piss you off.

  4. cindiagonzalez says:

    I think you are right Nancy. The other day I went shopping for a b-day outfit. I hit the clearance rack and it was nothing but 10s, 12s, and 14s. No 16s in sight, which is what I was really looking for, but I thought it was pretty lucky. Some days are better than others.

  5. Jessica says:

    I just stumbled across this blog entry, and I have to say… Rather than focusing on finding clothes in a size 16 and ranting about how you can’t, why not try losing some weight and not conforming to the overweight standard that is now the American woman? Just because being a size 12-14 is “average” doesn’t mean it’s healthy or right. It’s like saying the average American has a 110 IQ so why bother trying to excel? A healthy size for most women is a 6-8, and it annoys me that women in this country have just decided to settle for being overweight just because everyone else is. My intent is not to be insensitive, but for your health and your family, you really ought to spend less time whining about not being able to find a size 16 and focus on getting yourself in shape instead. It’s a much better use of your energy.

  6. cindiagonzalez says:


    What a beautiful ideal world you must live in where a healthy size for most women is a size 6-8. In the real world that I live in my healthiest weight is 165, putting me at about a size 12. How did I come to this ideal weight? Using a lot of calculations and equations, every women can figure out their ideal weight based on their height, age, frame, etc. Unfortunately this does not equal a size 6.

    This weekly column for Jerk Magazine’s blog was supposed to be a kind of chronicle about me trying to lose weight. It might seem like a whine to you, but this is the struggle that some of us put up with when we gain extra weight and have to work to get it off. I haven’t been blogging for a while so of course you don’t know how hard I’m trying to lose this weight, it was much easier to get fat.

    Regardless, I’m very sorry that we can’t all be as small as you Jessica (I’m assuming you’re a very petite 6). Sometimes, women come in different shapes, sizes, and color. Unlike that one episode of the Twilight Zone (Episode #12 “Looks Just Like You”), we can’t all look alike. You might all want us too, but God decided to make me big, brown, and just more beautiful.

  7. Holly says:

    I don’t get it when you say ‘All the fat girls come and take all the fucking good sizes and then nice girls like me can’t find anything to wear’ because didn’t you say you yourself is fat? What do you mean by ‘nice girls’ like yourself- fat, but not that fat?

  8. keviee says:

    i hate it when fat girls try to look hot

  9. Skinny bitch says:

    You fat fuck. Lose some fuckng weight fattie

  10. cindiagonzalez says:

    You sound really mature Skinny bitch. Are you angry because some sexy fattie stole your boyfriend/girlfriend? Or is it hard maintaing your tinsy figure by throwing up or taking laxatives? Are you jealous because I get to actually eat my food and enjoy it?

    How about you stop insulting me and go back to picking on the person you hate the most, YOURSELF.

  11. Athletic Guy says:

    Ha @ Cindia. If a fat chick steals anything it’s a hamburger. If some one’s man/woman leaves them for a fat girl it’s just because they’re an easy lay. That’s the only way fat girls keep a guy interested for more than 5 mins.

    It’s not that skinny people hate you because you’re fat. It’s that skinny people hate you because you’re not modest about your size. You all go out in tight clothes and act like you’re attractive!

    When designers don’t make clothes your size it’s for a reason. Because you’re fat. Lose some weight if you want to fit into all the cute clothes. Stop being lazy, sitting on the couch, and doing nothing to get in shape.

  12. Sarah says:

    Wow, agreed with Athletic Guy! 🙂

  13. kenzie says:

    honestly I think that your just a bitch! and i think you just think your hot shit because you can fit in a 12 and some girls cant. I mean really grow up! while reading your post i couldnt help but think….all the fat girls keep taking all the good sizes…well then you must be pretty fat considering your looking for the same sizes they are…get my point. you must have low self esteem or something…and what pisses me off the most is that you think you have the right to call all these women fat when your looking for the same size they are…so sorry that they went actually baught something before you got your fat ass there!!!

    which brings me to my next point…
    im sorry that us fat girls cant find something that actually fits us so we have to wear are clothes a little to tight for you..

    but its people like you that dont help us “stop being lazy, sitting on the couch, and doing nothing to get in shape”.
    becasue its your negitive, rude, dick comments that hurt us even more. Im sure you already know that most of us “fat women” are not completley happy with the way we look. and thats usually why we continue to eat more because were not happy and were hurt and when fucking dicks like you open there mouth it hurts even more.

    I understand that you dont like to see us in tight shirts and skimpy pants, but when that’s whats instlye for you skinny people…well its really hard to find things that fit us….so sorry take it up with some fashionable companys…or tell your skinny bitches to quit being skanks and then maybe us FAT GIRLS can find shorts where are ass is not hanging out!

    your a fucking ass! and i dont know what makes you think you have the right to call women fat and post stupid shit like this…get a life and go out and find yourself a women…so you can stop looking and complaining about us “fat Girls” OK!

  14. Kate says:

    hey kenzie, i think you need to look up the definition of “tongue in cheek” and “sarcasm”

  15. Katie says:

    Kate, Athletic Guy’s comment didn’t read tongue in cheek or sarcastic to me. Just dickish.

    I’m all for ya Cindia. This post reminds me of Mean Girls when they’re shopping in the 1,3,5 store. There are obviously some turd commenters who are just saying things to provoke others. Let’s not feed trolls like “Skinny Bitch.” It’s probably some 13-year-old boy randomly looking for attention between playing WOW and jacking off to hentai.

  16. Kate says:

    I was talking about Cindia’s..athletic guy can suck a nut

  17. Angela says:

    Frankly, I just can’t understand how immature some of you are being.

    I’m 15 myself, and am rolling my eyes at some of your comments. Being ‘skinny’ doesn’t mean ‘Oh YOUR ATTRACTIVE!’, I’ve seen so many bigger girls that are BEAUTIFUL inside and out. There are also plenty of bigger girls who dress modestly (like me), and I’m sure that some of you understand that. However, when you gear comments towards ‘all sizes 12 +’, and you stereotype them as one thing- how can you actually gain perspective and have positivity towards bigger people? How are you supposed to get your point across?

    I’m not trying to single anybody out, I just came on here after a bit of google searching. I just came to put my two cents in.

    No, there are some bigger girls who really can’t dress modestly. But does that mean you shouldn’t accept them? I’m sure they’re aware of they’re ‘fat’, they just have a different mind or perspective and they try to ‘fit in’ because the ‘skinny girls are wearing htem too’.

    My point is,
    my god- ACCEPT people. If your going to live your life critisizing people behind a computer screen, or just out in general life- how are you actually supposed to be happy with yourself?

  18. cindiagonzalez says:

    Bravo Angela. I remember what it was like when I was 15. I just want to tell you that you’re not as “fat” as you think you are. Now that I’m 25 and looking back I realize how hot I was. And yes just because I’m big doesn’t mean anything. I’m still hot and I’m not easy and I don’t dress like I’m crazy.

  19. dissappointed says:

    ok so all of you on here ‘dissing’ fat people. what is wrong with you? are you saying it is wrong for a fat women to wanna be pretty or happy?. and seriously athletic guy you have no idea how women work and fat women being an easy lay isnt true because ive been with a guy for 8 months and we havent fucked yet so i dnt wanna hear shit like oh they are an easy lay they arent grow the fuck up and really all the skinny girls by whoevers definition skinny isnt perfect neither is fat but what guys should look at is personality because i know if i were a guy id like brains and personality before conceited and a bitch. because some skinny people are so full of themselves they cant make a relationship work get a fucking life ~peace~

  20. Atilio says:

    fat is not pretty. If it wasn’t illegal to kill people, iIwould end all you fat cunts. There is a reason you are fat. I find joy in the premature death of fat people because it gives me more of a better chance at life, thanks 🙂

  21. cindiagonzalez says:


    You have to be the stupidest human being on earth. Grow up.

  22. Rothenb says:

    don’t feed the trolls, man.

  23. i weigh 52 pounds says:

    who wants to bet that “Skinny bitch” and “Athletic guy” are two of the fattest motherfuckers who responded.
    I’m sure we all stumbled on this site by looking up something to do with weight.
    It’s so easy to hide behind a screen name. Anyone can be who ever they want and say whatever they want without having to own up to it. Hell, i could be Britney Spears typing this.
    The point is all these negitive comments don’t mean shit. It’s all crap to start negitivity towards people.
    I think people should be happy and accept themselves as well as others.
    I’ve learned so many things throughout the years.

    -You’ll never be happy if you compare yourselves to others

    -You’ll never be happy if you’re passing judgement on others. Nobody is in a place to judge. Ever. No one person is better than any other. The only people you ARE better than are the stupid fucks who think they’re better than you are.

    -Have confidence and class. Be who you are inside, work towards anything you want because chances are if your heart is in it, you’ll get there with whatever it is you’re hoping to achieve.

    -Be proud of yourself and don’t let others drag you down. Ever.

  24. beenthere says:

    Ok, I have been both overweight and a bit underweight. I have now found a balance. I eat healthy and exercise for one half hour a day. I look and feel better than I ever did. I can’t find clothes because I’m only 5′ 2″. lol Well anyway. I notice a lot of people say “forget the outside, It’s the inside that matters.” Ok granted. However I have found That if people can’t get past your outside. They don’t want to know your inside. Unfair? Yes. But unfortunately very true. As far as finding clothes. It’s usually a total pain in the A** for all of us

  25. Mark Darkly says:

    Hi guys/girls, I just was reading up on thermodynamic laws and figured you all could use some assistance in losing weight! Here’s an easy equation to follow:

    Calories consumed – Calories used = Net calorie gain/loss

    Simple right?! You can easily adjust either variable to suit your lifestyle needs. You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.

  26. jumby hails from nigeria says:

    The real problem is that fat girls can’t always hold in their poopy and sometimes when they’re trying on jeans, they leave a little spot or streak. Sometimes if you hold up the little brown spot to your nose you can smell it. Sometimes you can smell it as soon as you pull it off the rack. I once found a shirt that a fat girl had used to literally wipe her ass after taking a shit in a skirt in the fitting room. It was really offensive. I didn’t even notice that the shirt had shit all over it at first. I walked out of the room and my friend was like, “that shirt has shit all over it!” and I was like, “Oooh, gross! A fat girl took a shit in the fitting room and then wiped her ass with the shirt I’m now wearing. Do you think I should look for a different shirt?”

  27. thumbilina says:

    Wow, I’m really sorry for your experience, Jumby from Nigeria. That happened to me once, only it was with a fat girl’s fecal matter and urine. I think she just couldn’t make it to the bathroom. There was fecal matter all over the bench in the fitting room and, upon closer inspection, it was also on the ceiling and walls. I thought it was just a new textured form of paint. I remarked to my friend that I recognized the interesting paint pattern on HGTV last Saturday morning. She said she liked it, but really wanted to see the pattern in sea green or emerald. (She likes green!) Boy were we surprised when we realized that a fat girl had shit on the bench and smeared it on the wall. Why do you think she smeared it on the wall? Do you think she was just being artistic? Was it some sort of protest because the place didn’t feature her jean size?

  28. fat and hot at the same time says:

    Jumby from Nigeria and Thumbilina, you guys are ridiculous. How do you know the girls who left their body fluids and solids were fat? I’m fat and I shit in fitting rooms all the time, but no one actually sees me. I’ve become very good at hiding it. I shit on the bench (or the floor if there is no bench) and then I cover my pile and/or puddle with a bunch of clothing. Naturally, I ususally wipe myself with a piece of clothing also. The sturdy cloth is helpful when I’m trying to really clean my anus. It’s really hard for a fat person when they suffer from having little flecks of paper stick by poop residue to their behinds. It’s so gross, it makes me want to shower. I don’t like to shower because it takes a lot of work, so I usually just wipe my ass with a piece of clothing. It you don’t wipe you ass, it can really start to itch. I really don’t like giving people a show by itching my butt in public. Another thing that wiping with clothing prevents is the smell that can be left behind by poopy. Sometimes if you ask a trusted person to smell you, it helps. But you have to tell them to be objective. You have to say, “be brutally honest!”

  29. Jess says:

    I have nothing against fat people, but just because the average american woman’s size is a 14, doesn’t mean its healthy! I am anorexic, and I know thats not healthy either, but there are healthy ways to lose weight and you will feel better and get many health benefits! You don’t have to be a 0, 2, 4, 6, 8. or even 10! Get to a size that is right for your height, frame and age. 🙂

  30. Allison says:

    Calling someone fat is generally offencive. The word itself is in no way, shape, or form offencive. It depends on how you use the word. Same goes for the word “skinny.” Every overwieght person on this blog has used the word “skinny” negatively. Don’t you think that’s offensive to skinny people? I’m naturally skinny. 5’3, 100lbs. “Underweight.” But I know this is how I am, because I eat correctly. Luckily, I look healthy, still have curves, and dress cute. I don’t go around calling people “Fat” because that hurts their feelings and I know I have feelings of my own. Grow up, people. This blog is helping absolutely NO ONE! Everyone’s body is different. Yes some poeople over eat or under eat and lose or gain extra pounds, but that is no reason to hate them. Lose the hate and try to help your fellow man.

  31. Chewy says:

    Fat girls make me want to vomit. You are GROSS… nobody really likes you… except for other patheitic fatties.

  32. Ember says:

    look I just want to say im skinny and the only thing that really bothers me is when bigger girls try and where my size, Really why if u think you look better than us skinny girls why try too look like us? I read some of the post and shitting in the dressing room stuff was funny.. And a fat person saying your girl or man left you for a fat person. Why would any one leave someone for a girl who dose not have standers? And you cant say u do because if you fat girls Hate us skinny girl so Much because we are not you! and I’m not saying all fat girls are like this at least none of my friends are and yes I do hang out with bigger girls but the work out and have fun and don’t stuff there face every 2 min. STOP HATING SKINNY GIRLS JUST BECAUSE YOU CANT FIT IN OUR CLOTHING … GO TO C,J AND BANKS THEY HAVE YOUR SIZE THERE SO STOP BITCHING REALLY!!!

  33. ItsMe says:

    this made me really sad to read. theres ALOT of bitches out there who just hate on fat girls. i’ve been one of those bitches before. and i know it wasnt right, but honestly… if you try and make friends with some, their really nice under all that fat!! im a size 1 and for me as a canadian, those are usually all the sizes that are gone. i hover over 5′ so its very hard for me to find good jeans. but this ” fatty ” has GOT to be kidding herself! she thinks of herself so greatly! —-> ” i remember when i was hot. i still am, but i use to be more hot. ” WTF?

  34. yo hoe. your fat. we all know that there’s fat chicks out there who like to complain. shut your fucking face. i was hoping for a good article, but nooo! what do i get? SOME FAT SHIT COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW FAT SHE IS.
    P.S – @ItsMe: i HAFLY agree with you. why the fuck do fat people think their hot? anyways… this was a waste of time.

  35. ember says:

    Why do fat girls try and fit in skinny jeans .. you say all the good stuff is taken but stop lame ass excuses and loose that fat. the only thing you fat girls can fit in is a moo moo .. stop wearing skinny jeans because you look like a stuffed pig… o wait you are one …

  36. Yeah says:

    I think the average size is 12-14 because western people have inflated the numbers. It’s no secret that half of Americans are overweight or obese. These are just the sad facts of reality.

    It is very childish to post comments here ridiculing someone about their size or weight. However, if you are overweight and unhappy about the way you look, the solution is only as simple as changing your behavior. Good habits take time to form and results don’t happen overnight. If it were easy, then everyone would be fit and healthy. I think almost everyone would like to eat high calorie foods and not exercise. Why? Because it feels better than working out regularly and eating healthy meals. But unfortunately, that’s not the way to a healthy life.

    I suppose my point here is that if you are unhappy with your appearance, don’t let what people say affect your goals. Do something about it instead of complaining on internet forums. Don’t worry about “skinny bitches” or “athletic guys.” Take care of yourself first. And sure body types come naturally come in all shapes/sizes, but I’d be willing to bet that most women aren’t going to be exactly “healthy” weighing 170 or more pounds. Don’t kid yourself. It’s your health and well-being – not anyone else’s.

  37. Why can't we be friends? says:

    Ladies? Ladies! Why are we fighting each other? Really now.
    We all know the woes of clothing shopping, and I appreciate the tongue in cheek honesty of the article. The comments however…. have me VERY concerned with the state of humanity and Very fearful of the future. I got to thinking about why would people say these horrible things when we ALL have one thing in common and it’s a biggie. MEN. Why do we work out to fit into those size 6’s? Why do we buy billions of dollars of cosmetics each year? Lastly why are we crying on the couch Saturday night with a pint of ben and jerrys watching sex in the city ( don’t lie, you have been there)? MEN ! Do men work out and starve themselves to look good for us? No they most certainly do not…they do it for themselves. Their ego ladies…not you. So what kind of woman are you really? The extension of some mans ego or a strong independent creative free thinking lady of class? So back to my main point…why are we fighting each other when really we should all ban together. Eat what we want…hell even shave what we want. I am starting a resistance! Hairy pits and all. No but really we as women have the power and we need to stop to the hating. The power of a kind word or smile is worth more than the energy lost through hate. Thin girls: next time you see a pretty bigger gal smile knowing you are sisters with the same struggles, and as a BIG GURRL next time I see a pretty thin girl I will comment her on her cute top and ask where she works out cuz she looks good. Problem solved.

  38. IM your moms whore says:


  39. IM your moms whore says:

    Fat people are a sin lose weight u fat whores!

  40. Jae-lynn says:

    First of all, I know that this was posted quite a while ago now and few people will read what I have to say, but I have to comment. Cindia, you replied to this “Skinny bitch” who commented on this post – you said this:

    “You sound really mature Skinny bitch. Are you angry because some sexy fattie stole your boyfriend/girlfriend? Or is it hard maintaing your tinsy figure by throwing up or taking laxatives? Are you jealous because I get to actually eat my food and enjoy it?”

    … And you’re telling other people to “grow up”? I’m not saying I agree with the people who commented stating that larger women aren’t beautiful, but, here YOU are making fun of mental illnesses such as anorexia and bulimia nervosa. I’ve suffered with bulimia nervosa for nearly 4 years of my life. I’m nearly 16 years old now, and my teeth are rotting. I know that I’m sick, and I’m getting help, but when I read comments like this, it upsets me and it makes it that much harder for me to fight my illness.

    Please think about what you say before you start insulting those with potentially fatal mental illnesses. Thank you.

  41. ember says:

    umm go eat a Hamburg and choke on a cow dick.. fat girls if you like being fat good for you.. just know i dont like u cuz your over your heads to all you fat whores you know who you are.. …

  42. ember says:

    umm do me a big favor.. go to you tube and look up Stephen linch she got a smile.. this is to you all you bigger girls..

  43. Roben says:

    when they say woman they must be something delicate and pretty
    fat woman cant be nice or beautiful because they are fat
    fat girls should be insulted all the time they all have low self esteem
    they always talk about personality to hide thier physical appearnce
    they born fat living fat die fat staying fat even in coffen and grave

  44. Burger Queen, do they have those for women? says:

    I hate fat chicks as well, I’m not talking about every chick. But those who are fat, don’t do any exercise, and think they are hot. Yes, I hate those cocky fat chicks who think they’re hot.
    I hate chicks with love handles, i hate fat porkers with large “gelo” arms, i hate oversized women running, i hate big round ladies chewing food.
    I hate you fat porkers.

    Go away porker, nobody wants you here.

    Haha, just kidding, but i DO hate fat women (and men, but to be honest i don’t care about men, as I’m one myself) who point the guilt to glandular problemos, Fast food, and everything else they arrange to pay guilt on.

    You are fat because you made yourself one.

    “Go be fat in someone else’s world”

  45. ember says:

    fat girls are easy.. and u know its true..

  46. Artemis says:

    Most of these people are just ridiculous. Doesn’t it get tiring, being so angry and hateful all of the time?

    All women are beautiful. Skinny, frail, obese, curvy, thick, slender, ect.
    Just as all men are.

    What irritates me, is that people treat body type like it’s set in stone. Fashion types change, and with that, so does the ideal body type. I mean, the ideal “Marylin Monroe” body figure, was a beautiful, curvy woman of size 16. What do you have to say about this little tidbit?

    My final point is, there will always be big women. In Europe, in America, in Africa, in Asia, Russia, Mexico, in any part of the world you visit. And everyone has a different taste in body type or beauty.

    So, let it go. Stop wasting all your energy being angry, and put it towards more productive things.

  47. ceci551 says:

    i think it’s not about being fat or thin. it’s all about being healthy, eating a healthy diet and exercising. it’s not rocket science. and all you idiots who are bashing on fat people…get a life! someone’s weight is personal, if they choose to be fat, let them, if they change their lifestyle and become thin, let them. i don’t understand why my body should concern anybody else other than me.

  48. all fatties should die says:

    Honestly, fat girls are just pathetic. Stop complaining and lose weight. Its not hard to stop eating when your full, or to take 10 minutes out of your day to go running. Try a nice salad for a change, or go a few years only on water. I’m in high school, and the fatties at my school ain’t got no friends. Why? Becaase they’re fat.

  49. all fatties should die says:

    Oh, and btw dumb bitches I googled (why people hate fat girls) yeah, this shits what popped up!

  50. stinkychees says:


  51. VAM The Anomaly says:

    Ill try to keep it real and fair as possible and hope I dont offend anyone. Since the word has been put out there we will use the word : Fat. It is what it is. I dont have a problem with fat people. The problem I DO have with them though are the ones that DENY it and claim they are “thick”.

    These types of people usually have a nasty attitude that goes with it.If youre fat, youre fat. Dont call it something its not. I have HALF of my teeth removed and are in the process of rebuilding them so I can have a better smile without looking like a jack-o-lantern.

    For me to say “Im only missing a FEW teeth” is bullshit and it builds false confidence.If youre fat and someone doesnt like it, fuck em! You know good and well IF and WHEN you WANT to do something about it. It doesnt matter what THEY think it matters what the fat people think about themselves.

    Other things ( just keepin it real ) to consider are the obvious health risks involved with being overweight. I also notice that fat people tend to be dramatic and combative and easily offended. If something bothers someone THAT bad where they have to get overly defensive over it, either get rid of the catalyst causing said problem or dont give a fuck about it.

    Blaming someone else because your fat is a cop out. I understand people can be mean and hurtful which is the “cause” of overeating, but remember someone can only hurt you if you ALLOW it.

    “No person is worth your tears, but once you find one that is, they wont make you cry.”

    Like I said at the start of my post. I dont hate or dislike fat people, but I do dislike the ones that deny and / or lie about it ’cause thats not being true to yourself.

    Now me I dont PREFER a fat woman in a relationship but thats my preference. In all fairness and if a woman told me “I like a guy with GOOD teeth and a great smile.” I would understand, as that is HER preference.


  52. ember says:

    Haha fat girls don’t eat healthy do us all a favor and eat yourself to death. so we don’t have anything nasty to look at

  53. ember says:

    I’m a size 3:) not a moo moo size

  54. Amanda01 says:

    Why on earth would you dare calling other girls fat when your are the same size??? Oh no because you are a “loose 12” and they are a tight size 12?? Its still the same size!!! And you are still considered fat!! And for everyone that says a size 12 is average either you are a very tall woman with a large frame and structure or cant accept the fact that you need to lose weight. Keeping your calories at 1500 more or less and work out an hour a week is too much?? Well you know what stop complaining and lying to yourself and accept that you are just a fat ass that cant take care of herself!!! Thats harsh right? But you know what If you can call girls that wear the same size as you fat just because they wear it tight is beyond stupid and gives ME ( a size 5-6$ the right to call you a fat ass!!!! And btw a size 6 is not skinny ( im 5’4 120lbs) amd muscular as as opposed to sitting here whining about how fat i am i decide not to let it happen and i sweat it off n most. Importantly I say No to unealhy food!!!

  55. ember says:

    So who ate themselves to death

  56. sebastian says:

    Here is the point of view from a guy. I absolutely will not date a girl that is overweight. Am I vain? Am I shallow? I would think none of the above. I keep myself in shape, not out of vanity, but out of necessity. It’s a question of values. I keep myself healthy because others depend on me and care about me (i.e. significant other, family, kids, etc…). When a person cannot take care of themselves, how can I expect them to take care of anything else in their life? They can rant and rave online for hours at a time yet not take 30 MINUTES out of the day to exercise? You have to eat the whole plate? Even if you continued eating what you are eating (which probably is not healthy), and you cut your portions in half, I bet you would lose some weight. To me it is a mismatch of values, plain and simple. Yes, adjusting to eating healthy food IS HARD, but like they say: Nothing tastes better than thin. It’s ridiculous that people are calling obesity a disease. Apparently only Americans are capable of catching said disease. It’s not a disease. It’s a lack of willpower and a lack of care for themselves and others that care about them.

  57. CPB says:

    “Why aren’t skinny girls at the store fighting for the last pair of 00 jeans?”
    Probably because you live in America.

  58. Notanidiot says:

    I have been overweight and now I’m slim and I’ve found people’s attitudes disgusting. People are thoughtless and shallow. I don’t know what’s more annoying, being bullied because your overweight or being hit on by vain, shallow idiots who are ugly on the inside and would not have given you the time of day when you were heavier. It’s easier to find clothes that fit when you are slim but no easier to deal with the attitudes and comments of ignorant size obsessed jerks.

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