Here We Go Magic, Here We Go Brilliance

Posted: February 23, 2009 by Mike Estabrook in BLARE -- music, POP - pop culture
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Brooklyn-based Here We Go Magic is about to be big. Its self-titled debut comes out Tuesday and it’s quite the arrival.

I could try to describe the band’s varied experimental sound but its MySpace page sums it up best as “whombish.” That word doesn’t exist, yet it feels so right.

The trusty music blog, Gorilla vs. Bear, and Ed Droste from Grizzly Bear have given the band some warranted publicity the past few months. Once I heard “Tunnelvision” on GvB, I was sold. 

The great thing about the debut album is that no two songs sound alike. The relatively short nine-track album feels dense because of these vast soundscape arrangements.


“Tunnelvision” is structured around a perfect electronic beat that would impress both music-heads and club-goers. It’s that cool.

Hand clapping gets its due with “Fangala,” a bouncy, electro-rock cut. Stick around for the always-welcome keyboard freakout near the end of the song.

“Only Pieces” is a mandolin-tinged tribal haze. Listen, and you’ll understand.

Further proof of Here We Go Magic’s astute music knowledge is the transition from the vaguely 80s synth “Ahab” to the industrial distortion of “Ghost List.”

“I Just Want to See You Underwater” slowly builds to a repetitive groove that you hope blasts into a chugging beat. It doesn’t but it shows Here We Go Magic’s power of surprise.

The best example of surprise is the closing track, “Everything’s Big.” It’s a ’70s AM radio-worthy track that is actually very poppy. It blatantly sticks out to make the record even more unique and exhaustive of all genres.

This band came out of nowhere with an awesome album that will definitely be on repeat.

Check out Here We Go Magic’s MySpace and official site for some more information and solid tunes.

~ Mike Estabrook

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