GOP Looks for Waste in New Stimulus Bill

Posted: February 21, 2009 by JohnCassillo in Uncategorized
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Congressional Republicans face a tough road ahead of them for these next two years.  Until the 2010 mid-term elections, the GOP is handily outnumbered by Democrats in Congress, and has been stripped of their greatest asset.  You see, when a party is out of power as Republicans are now, and Democrats were from 2001-2006, it usually hopes for policy failure on the part of the opposition, and capitalizes on these missteps.  In the case of today’s political landscape, Republicans do not have such a luxury.

As we dip farther into one of our nation’s darkest economic hours, all Republicans can do is hope for success, because failure is no longer an option.Even though every Congressional Republican but three (all in the Senate) voted against last week’s stimulus package, they have no choice, except to hope  it possesses the ability to stimulate our stagnant economy, and also act as a watchdog against seemingly wasteful expenditures encased within it.

All the GOP can do at the moment is act as a watchdog for taxpayers

Without the GOP functioning in this capacity, who else would?  The Obama administration has set up a Web site,, for taxpayers to track the progress, and is also setting up an oversight board.  The problem here is that the head position of such a board, the newly-created chief performance officer position, has yet to be filled after Obama nominee Nancy Killefer withdrew after failing to file her taxes correctly.
It seems as if parts of the stimulus bill is simply burning away money
Some of the wasteful, and seemingly foolish spending already cited by critics of the stimulus includes hundreds of millions of dollars being used to create around 1,000 jobs, as well as digital television coupons and funds for atmosphere studies totaling nearly $800 million.  I have to ask, why are these jobs costing $1 million each to create, and how are jobs manufactured by television coupons and atmosphere studies?

Regardless of how “necessary” these things may seem to be, we can’t just usher them into law under the large stimulus umbrella.  To me, if the Democratic Congress was serious about fixing this economy, it would cut out all of the extras, and just get down to the business of rescuing a floundering economy, as prudently as we can, with the least cost to taxpayers possible.

~ John Cassillo

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