Eating Locally in February? WTF?

Posted: February 20, 2009 by darksenjo420 in Uncategorized
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Delicious AND locally grown

Delicious AND locally grown

The concept of “eating locally” is not exactly a new idea. It is the idea of eating only the foods that can be grown sustainably near to you, or within a certain circumference around your general area. The concept has been around since the conception of our nation. Our founding fathers and their generation ate only what they could grow in their back yards. Through the creation and implementation of modern technology, however, we are now able to import food from all across the world – a progression that may or may not be yielding positive results.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying this branch off to modern technology is a bad thing. I’ll be the first to admit that I love hitting up appeThaizing every once in a while, and Chinese night is my favorite dining hall “special”. What I am saying is that the wide spread usage of global food importation is proving to be detrimental for the future of our environment.

Fossil fuels are a popular topic in today’s society, causing the world to have a huge bitch-fit. “What’s the big deal, anyway,” you might ask, “why do all those damned tree-hugging hippies keep getting their all-natural hemp panties in a bunch?” The problem is that every single thing we have in our society is directly or indirectly created from fossil fuels. In the past 4 decades, fossil fuel usage in the US has increased 20 percent. As always, we Americans need to have the biggest and best of everything, including fossil fuels. We use 20 to 30 times more fossil fuel energy than people in developing nations.

This is where the idea of eating locally comes in. If we consume foods grown only locally and sustainably within our communities, not only would an immense number of fossil fuels be preserved, but we would be helping our local economies as well. Eating locally is an excellent idea that benefits our health, too. It may not be easy to transition from Cheetos to spinach, but it can be done! This topic poses an especially challenging obstacle, specifically in the winter, but, alas, there is an answer! There are over 4,000 farmer’s markets in the United States today, including a few right here in Syracuse! So get out there, make a conscious decision to eat locally, and watch the benefits come streaming in!

~ Lauren Gibbs

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