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Posted: February 17, 2009 by kabenn03 in POP - pop culture
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Last week I discussed He’s Just Not That into You, a movie that turned out to be the typical fairytale that never seems to come true, so this week I decided to pick a movie on the opposite end of the spectrum: The Break-Up.

It’s funny how this movie can be seen so differently by guys and girls. All of my guy friends seem to love it and if you ask them why, they all have the same answer: “Vince Vaughn is the man.” And indeed, that gentle giant is the sole reason I have watched some movies and he made the it enjoyable until the end, but even he can’t salvage a crappy ending.

And the crappy ending is exactly what turns most girls off (or at least it’s what did it for me). After watching two people in a relationship fight those typical fights that eventually occur between every serious couple (at least the real life ones), I looked to the ending for hope. Unfortunately, that is not what I got.

Sometimes I even find myself watching the movie over again, hoping it will turn out differently this time. But it never does. It’s the same old depressing ending as always. As I watch Gary (Vince Vaughn) and Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) stand there at the end, I know they still love each other. Even they know they still love each other, and yet neither of them say anything. It’s like the movie is saying love may not always be enough, when that is the exact opposite of what I want to hear.

In other words, the movie was bit too real for me. I know that in real life things don’t always happen like you’d like them to. I don’t need a movie to remind me of that. In fact, I watch movies to escape real life.

As a result, I personally would not call this a chick flick; however, the USA television network seems to disagree considering it was part of the all day chick flick marathon on Valentine’s Day.

a.k.a USA Network

a.k.a USA Network

Way to be a Debbie Downer, USA.

  1. kaallyn says:

    This movie is indeed a downer. I thought it sucked for other reasons too.

  2. tvlover222 says:

    im not really sure i want to see this, is there anything remotely good about it?

  3. kabenn03 says:

    yea, it is really funny, but the ending just gets to me. it’s definitely worth watching, but maybe just once.

  4. Liam says:

    you forgot an important point as to why dudes like this movie. vince vaughn might be the man, but jennifer aniston is definitely a fox.

  5. Allie says:

    it’s like we get so sick of the typical chick flick fairytale happily every after ending time and again and then a real non-hollywood movie comes along where it doesnt actually all work out the way we want, but the way it probably would in real life and we hate it. nothings ever good enough for us

  6. Mike says:

    first of all liam is right about aniston being a fox. Secondly Vince Vaughn holds this movie together with his hilarious lines and interactions with the characters. The ending sucked because it didnt solve anything which we expect for every movie to have a resolution. Ending sucked but the movie is still funny as hell.

  7. Williams says:

    Aniston is extremely hot but that doesn’t detract from her being a women. She didn’t have to do much acting in this film. All she did is portray herself on screen. When there was a discussion about ” wanting Gary to want to do the dishes” I was blown away by the reality. Women act exactly like this in real life. They are neurotic, emotional, and indecisive about almost everything. Do all men a favor, no what you want and spoon feed it because I’m not a mind reader nor are any of my friends.

  8. Mike says:

    Yes williams exactly!!! Men are not mind readers…women need to learn that men have no clue what they are thinking. If you want something, say it…dont play games and then get mad when you dont get something.

  9. Liam says:

    Ay Williams, Vaughn only ever portrays himself in movies too. He just shows up, does his I-don’t-give-a-fuck-but-I’m-still-a-vaguely-nice-dude thing, grabs his paycheck and hits the bar. I wish I was that guy.

    Women aren’t mind readers, but they’re fuckin’ sexy. So ladies, play all the games you want. I can handle you, if you can handle me. Cheah!

  10. Emily Pay says:

    “Sometimes I even find myself watching the movie over again, hoping it will turn out differently this time.”

    I DO THIS ALL THE TIME. I mean all the time. Not just with this movie I mean, with every movie. Titanic anyone?

    and yeah I agree, the break up = biggest let down ever.

  11. kabenn03 says:

    guys just don’t like playing games cause they don’t know how to play and they always lose. if you would just learn the rules like Liam here, you’d have a lot more fun.

  12. Kate says:

    Personally, I think Aniston was pretty clear. The only thing she wanted was for Gary to care enough to appreciate her, which she said, ad nauseum. Wanting to want to do the dishes just means that she wants him to care about her enough to know that she’s probably tired and needs some help.

    Did anyone else notice that Gary’s best friend called him out on the same thing: they only did things Gary wanted to do because he’s a selfish prick.

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