Once Upon an X-rated British Circus…

Posted: February 10, 2009 by Katie in VICES -- sex, drugs & alcohol
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I saw a striptease with my father last night. That was just one of many highlights of La Clique, a self-described “indescribable” show at London’s Hippodrome Theater. Since I’m studying across the pond for the spring, Dad decided to pay me a visit. He was eager to introduce me to London’s hoppin’ theater scene, and one of SU Abroad’s helpful orientation guides recommended the show.

In a nutshell, La Clique was a drunk circus show with a sprinkle of E on top. Clumsy contortionists, emo acrobats, and sword swallowers abounded. One sword swallower, aptly named “Miss Behave,” put the rest to shame. She proceeded to take a rubber glove, stretch it over her entire head, and strut like a chicken.

But the real kicker (you know, the striptease) blew the rest of those nutballs out of their tainted circus water. It began ever-so innocently with a cute vanishing napkin trick and pulling the napkin out of unsuspecting ears. Harmless…

The Napkin Lady! Ah!

The Napkin Lady! Ah!

It was then that Pop’s innocent attempt to show me London’s theater scene took a turn for the worse. Napkin Lady proceeded to unbutton her blouse and pull a red napkin out of her bra. Eventually she chucked every piece of her tailored business suit into the audience. Then, she slid off her brassiere. I stared straight ahead. I was afraid to see a look of horror on my father’s face, or worse, a look of glee.

She marched off the stage and inched toward the audience, gazing deep into my dad’s eyes. She then gyrated in his face before strutting back toward the stage.

Then came the grand finale. Standing atop a grand piano, Napkin Lady grinned slyly and pulled off her silk thong. She bent over, butt in the air, and POOF! The infamous red napkin popped out of her nether region.

“I wonder how she did that, you know, napkin trick,” Dad said after the show. He avoided mentioning the tatas that just haunted our family outing by expressing shock over the vanishing napkins.

“Well it was great to see you, Kiddo,” my dad said sheepishly at the end of the night. Indeed. Thanks, Dad.

~ Katie Allyn

  1. kabenn03 says:

    have you ever seen the movie hostel? cause it’s basically soft core porn and I saw that with my dad in theaters. that’s the last movie we’ve watched together

  2. Dougie Fresh says:

    lol this really happened right?

  3. Liam says:

    How come I couldn’t find this place over there?

  4. Mount_Prion says:

    that pic downright scares me. she looks like dr. evil’s sidekick.

  5. kaallyn says:

    It did indeed happen. And Liam, I’ve learned you find the nastiest shit by asking SU for it. They know where to get the goods.

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