Restaurant Reviews: Syracuse Beer Week!!

Posted: November 3, 2008 by jerkmag in Uncategorized


I’ve got something far better than a restaurant review for you this
week. But there’s no need to fear. Why? Because this week, the ‘Cuse
does beer.

It’s November, and that means we’re all probably too buried in books
to be out dipping into the best plates the city has to offer. Or if
you’re not a busy student, maybe your (or daddy’s) pocket money is
starting to run out. Don’t worry, I won’t lure you with
decadent-sounding 25-dollar meals this week.

Just as the memories of Ocktoberfest in Clinton Square have really
started to fade, some enterprising hops lovers are serving up the
first ever Syracuse Beer Week.

With events happening all week at a variety of participating outlets,
beer lovers should be able to squeeze at least a taste or two into a
busy day. Even Wegman’s is joining the club, and will host a beer and
food pairing event on Thursday from five to seven.

The coolest part about the inaugural event, however, is that Syracuse
will be one of only three cities to get a limited quantity of
Duvel—the Belgian strong pale ale—on tap. Along with Boston and New
York, this Friday our very own Clark’s Ale House will be welcoming
people to come in and taste the world-renowned beer.


From Al’s to the Blue Tusk, everything from lagers to stouts will be
served up with sides of brewing history, beer education and open

My only complaint is that the good folks at Syracuse Beer Week clearly
didn’t take us poor students into consideration when they planned it
for the beginning of the hairiest month in SU-dom.

Oh well, I know just how to ease my stress. Excuse me as I go check
the calendar…

~ Jennifer Ward

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