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Posted: November 1, 2008 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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Slacker Internet Radio
Slacker Internet Radio












While watching TV the other night, I was struck by a particularly interesting commercial.  It was one of those ads that are so poorly planned out and produced that you wonder if the product they are selling is in fact real.

Slacker Personal Radio is “the most exciting thing in digital music to happen in a long time” according to PC Magazine.‘s homepage looks like an advanced version of services like Pandora Radio and  However, Slacker offers more advanced options when it comes to what music you want to hear.  You can pick from any category – from spiritual to heavy metal – and the radio will generate bands to fit that category.  The user also gets 5 skips (not unlike Pandora or, because of the copyright laws between the internet services and record companies.  You can also search for particular artist stations or create your own station.  Until I discovered Slacker, I thought Pandora was the best thing ever.  However, it just doesn’t offer the options that Slacker does.

Back to the commercial – the Slacker G2.  This product is a portable version of what its web page offers.  What’s more is that Slacker adds music to your player based on what stations you already listen to…for FREE (via Wi-Fi hotspots).  If you want to listen to your own library, the Slacker also offers a 4mb hard drive for those who still miss their iPods.

Slacker G2 Portable

Slacker G2 Portable

I don’t want to give away all the surprises, but at $199.99, this could become the product of the near future.

For more info on the portable player, click here.

~Bill McMillan (Check out Bill’s music column running every Saturday!)

  1. gary byrd says:

    That’s the old product. Here’s the new Slacker G2

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