Thursday = Humor and Sex at JERK

Posted: October 30, 2008 by jerkmag in VICES -- sex, drugs & alcohol
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Bonjour again,

Today! Check out humor columnist Kyle Adams post on retarded four leggers who find their way onto airport runways…

Read on for today’s funny biznass from the JERK staff…






Stuff we sweat: Emails from Jesus (dotcom)

We jerks recently stumbled upon a righteous blog:

That’s right. It’s exactly what it sounds like. People send their most burning questions to one helluva sarcastic Jesus, and he answers. Highlights include Lacy’s letter about the afterlife:

What really happens when we get to Heaven? Do we float or are we going to have to still walk? Do I have a seat reserved or what?”

And the savior replies:

Everyone gets a box of mints and a Rascal Scooter at the gate – except those sonnabatches who ride the motorized shopping carts around simply because they’re too lazy to walk. They get nipple clamps. And not the cute dangly ones either. We’re talking jumper cables. We don’t take reservations. It’s first come, first served. All my love, JHC”

I think I’m starting to see the light…


  1. Cindy McCain says:

    lol, jezus u so funny!

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