Dog Escapes At Airport, Stupidity Ensues

Posted: October 30, 2008 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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"Uhh, tower, we've got an adorable problem here..."

“Uhh, tower, we’ve got an adorable problem here…”

Eight flights were delayed Saturday night at Logan International Airport while airport employees and State Police chased a poodle around the tarmac, The Boston Globe reports.

Sources guess that the poodle, named Choochy, escaped from her kennel while the plane was being unloaded. Employees quickly captured the tiny dog and returned her to her owners.

Or that’s how the sane story would go. In fact, the chase lasted 17 hours. Because apparently, nobody working at Logan International Airport has ever encountered a dog before.

Passengers watched from their stalled planes as “five Massport vans drove in circles trying to corral Choochy,” says the article. Yes, vans. Five of them. Now, I’m no dog expert, but it’s truly hard to imagine the utterly insane reasoning behind chasing a poodle with a van. In my experience, when a half-ton vehicle “catches” a three-pound poodle, the results tend to be more or less fatal.

Seriously? Vans?

Seriously? Vans?

Eventually, with the combined efforts of the State Police dog unit, Logan’s fire and rescue staff and operations personnel, Choochy was lured in with dog food and returned safely to her owners. On the down side, she still has to live with the people that named her “Choochy.”

But through all of this, the world has learned a valuable lesson about dogs: they like food, and dislike being chased by vans. 17 hours well-spent.


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The 3-day-old chocolate lab, named Baby Bear, has been adopted by the cat known as Jelly Bean and nurses alongside her kittens, Jelly Roll and Jelly Belly. One can only assume the pup’s parents, Gummy Bear and Baby Ruth, were unavailable for comment.

~Kyle Adams (Check out Kyle’s humor column – aka whack ass shit – running every Thursday!)

  1. Joanne K says:

    pooooor Choochy. I don’t know what her problem is. I love being chased by vans.

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