It’s OK To Stick It There!

Posted: October 22, 2008 by jerkmag in Uncategorized
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Step 1) Slide object A into object B   




Step 1) Slide object A into object B














“Sex is fun, feels good, and its two bodies that become one.” I totally agree, and I do admit I had this feeling once. ONLY ONCE! Oh god I still remember him, 25 years-old, not built, but not thin either, just perfect. Blue eyes, red hair, and freckles everywhere. Ok, for some it might sound like a fantasy (or maybe just to me), for others, you probably doubting it, but the point I’m getting to, is that it was the best sex I’ve ever had. YES, I’m publicly admitting it!

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of girls talk about how, “sex last night was ok,” or “oh, we are just hooking up so sex doesn’t have to be that great.” Hold it ladies, are you serious? Isn’t sex supposed to be fun and great? I will admit I’ve experienced that reaction lately too. From what I hear from friends, and from what I want, guys are not reading us. I’m getting tired of thinking all the time, “why isn’t he grabbing my butt? Would he feel weird if I touch him there?” instead of just letting my eyes roll back and enjoy the ride. Sex, shouldn’t be just “fucking”, but is not “making love” either. You can have sex and still be passionate about it. That is the time when each person gets to experiment on each other (making sure the other person is ok with it of course).

Start by putting a little music to set the mood, then begin feeling each other, kissing each other, whispering in the ear, biting the lip…ok, ok, you know what I’m talking about. We all know the game, so let’s play it, and if you are new at it, let the other person lead you. Now ladies, you cannot expect the guy to know everything, or even to make him do all the work. Step up to the plate. Each guy is different, so when it comes to do the nasty and something is lacking, do something about it. Take the initiative to spice it up, don’t just lay there like a sack of potatoes. Tell him how you like it, or ask what he wants to do, all of this is ok, but remember don’t rush into things, take it slow instead. Take the time to enjoy and making sure your partner is enjoying the “cosmic” ride too.

It never happens like this...

It never happens like this...

Here is the drill, don’t focus too much on everything, just freaking go with the flow, and if something weird happens, like hitting your head against the wall, (it has happened many times), just laugh about it, and have fun. And guys, hope you are reading this, get freaky. Take the time to explore us, to kiss us everywhere, to switch it up when you want to, and DON’T ASK, just go for it, and see what we say. Most of the time we won’t reject the idea.



  1. redblossom88 says:

    Most guys think any touching around their ‘area’ makes them gay. If you do it when they’re already really aroused they seem to like it, although sometimes it can COMPLETELY ruin the mood. Oops!

  2. redblossom88 says:

    oh Yikes i was talking anal style-ee. Hope you were too?

  3. Lola says:

    I was talking about anything really. The couple can do anything, that is why, I think, it’s ok to experiment. I did ask some of my guy friends about girls touching their area, and they ALL freaked out. I don’t know why that area should be only for gay men. I think it’s a ridiculous mentality, and shows they are still not comfortable with their sexuality.
    I actually have touched a guy’s area, and he didn’t reject it, so i guess it does work, but maybe with the right person. OH! and its been done to me too, AND IT FEELS GREAT! hahahaha…..everyone should try it once before complaining or stating shit that they don’t know about!

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