UU are a bunch of Jerks

Posted: April 6, 2008 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives

By now you’ve heard Fergie and Sean Kinsgton are this year’s Block Party performers. Fergie and Sean Kingston make great party music, but here’s the question on my mind: What’s behind the music? I had a chat with Jackie Wheel, the Administrative Director of University Union concerts, about Fergie and Sean Kingston on a more philosophical level.

Jerk Magazine: Why don’t big girls cry?
Jackie Wheel: You know what? I think big girls do cry, but I think they cry in private. I think what Fergie is saying with those lyrics is that big girls don’t cry in public like little girls do. They don’t throw a tantrum. Instead they save face. But, I mean, we’ve all seen Grey’s Anatomy: big girls do cry sometimes, let’s be honest.

JM: If you were hanging out with Sean Kingston, where would you want him to take you?
JW: I’d want him to take me home (laughs) to Jamaica. We’d lie on the beach, obviously. Maybe play some water sports, like jet-skiing or water-skiing.

JM: Why do you think Fergie spells everything out?
JW: In elementary school, that’s how they teach you to spell words, so I think it’s a force of habit for Fergie carried over from elementary school. It’s how she makes sure she always remembers how to spell words, like G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S and F-E-R-G-I-E. She’s increasing learning for society by spelling everything out. She’s bettering American education, really.

JM: Sean Kingston’s song “No Shorty,” is basically him complaining about not having a girlfriend. Do you have any advice for him?
JW: Skip the typical flowers and chocolate crap because people do that all the time. Do something unique to get a girl’s attention. Treat her well and actually pay attention to her. Let her know you are interested in stuff she likes, not just stuff you like. And wear a sweet hoodie and sneakers.

What the hell is he doing?

JM: Love advice fitting for all guys who read Jerk. OK, last question. Here’s your opportunity to promote UU. Why should people come to Block Party 2008?
JW: People should come to Block Party because it’s tradition. Also reviews and ticket sales have shown these two performers put on great concerts. They both have a lot of singles that are really fun. Fergie comes with a full band, which will be cool to see. Apparently, she puts on a great performance. And if you’re a senior, it’s the last chance you have to go to a Syracuse University event as a student. Plus, what else are you going to do during May Fest?

~Emily Laurence

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